2015 Keratin Hair Treatment

First post of the year. What better way to start it than a life changing experience for me!

Last year, I was told by my hairstylist that if I’m so bothered by my unruly hair, I could try out their latest Keratin hair treatment which will promise me extra shiny and manageable hair. I’m usually very lazy when it comes to maintaining my hair, and I was really skeptical about it. I imagined that it’s either going to be a regular hair treatment which won’t last after one wash, or it’s going to be as lifeless as rebonded hair. And then later when it grows out it will look super stupid, like frizzzzzz-limp hair. I was assured repeatedly that it won’t end up like either, and they say first timers get a discount. Okay can, let’s book my next appointment /kaching.

Without further ado, here be pictures.


2014 anemone @ SGDC (display booth centric)


SGDC 2014 is over!

Like last year, Jasmine decided to have a booth for her brand anemone, and I signed up to help out and make the display.

And like last year, I fell really sick the week before SGDC. So annoying.

Last year the theme of the booth was the inside of anemone shop, so we joked that next year we will do a display of the front of the shop. Har har har.

And we really did it wtf LOL.


Japan Trip 2012: Meeting International Tokyo Roris + Maid Cafe Bar

(I have let this draft rot for a year 2 years now LOL. I don’t remember everything already oh noes. But I figured that I’m not gonna remember anymore even if I wait, so I’ll just throw this out here. And I’m tired of typing anymore for this entry.)

Before Jasmine and I set off for Tokyo, we asked around on EGL if there are any roris in Japan around the same time as us if they would like to meet up. Surprisingly, we did get a response, and a huuuuuge response at that!


2014 It never gets old

I refer to this article on how to detect a liar.

It’s really nothing much, but yes, I’m still very bitter about what happened.

The article has two points I wanna point out. The first point is self-explanatory: Avoiding eye contact does not equate to lying. YOU HEAR THAT!

The second point is, of course, “people tend to look at people or things that they like and avoid eye contact with people and things they don’t like.” Lol ya. That’s my dislike for you growing with each second during that interrogation.


2014 GASP

I don’t know why I keep avoiding writing a post. I’ll be like “I’ve got this topic I wanna write about! But then I don’t have ________ and _______ and _________ so it’s incomplete!”

And then I just end up not writing it, or my Posts tab is filled with drafts lol. Lousy.

At this rate I might as well keep my “blogging” to Instagram and Twitter only.

2014 is finally here! I’ve slacked enough! It’s time to get ready and start looking for a job! /procrastinating max here

January till November 2013

I’ve neglected this blog for sooo longggg.

As you can see, change of WordPress theme woooo~ I still want to make a banner, but I’ll er, figure that out some other day XD;

I’ve also added a picture of myself gasp!! It’s because I’ve finally gained confidence in myself haha never happening gotten a lucky shot of myself with decent sized eyes and a decent face shape LOL. That and the fact I’ve already posted a few rare shots of myself here and there, and I’m like ah, whatever.

Timeline-ish entry, with as much details as I can remember.

Oh and er, my keyboard is faulty. I can’t type “p” XD; it’s all copy and paste. Ahahaha.. oTL ;;;


2012 Memorable Happy Timeline

I think 2012 has been a very good year to me somewhat. Probably making it up to me for the year before haha. Here’s a timeline of sorts to remind myself that despite all the shitty things that happened last year, it’s still a pretty good year. Ignoring all the shitty parts.

I’ve gotten the habit of writing out memorable events on my planner, with the occasional whining+agony note on certain dates (i.e if I think I screwed up on my tests lol). It’s very exciting to see it written out haha.

And yeah, I know. Pretty late to be writing this out when it’s already mid May LOL.


30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 6

Gasp, I’m actually still doing this? Lol. Don’t expect much of it. I looked at the rest of the topics, and everything’s like…

Maybe I’m just really out of rori. haha XD;

I’m giving up on Day 5 for now, and moving on with Day 6.

Original Meme

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

I’m not sure how to interpret this topic, and actually, a lot of them, since most of my answers just sound like very generic Life questions. Rori things that I cannot live without? Or Things I cannot live without if I wear rori? Hahaha…

In no order…


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