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January till November 2013

I’ve neglected this blog for sooo longggg.

As you can see, change of WordPress theme woooo~ I still want to make a banner, but I’ll er, figure that out some other day XD;

I’ve also added a picture of myself gasp!! It’s because I’ve finally gained confidence in myself haha never happening gotten a lucky shot of myself with decent sized eyes and a decent face shape LOL. That and the fact I’ve already posted a few rare shots of myself here and there, and I’m like ah, whatever.

Timeline-ish entry, with as much details as I can remember.

Oh and er, my keyboard is faulty. I can’t type “p” XD; it’s all copy and paste. Ahahaha.. oTL ;;;


Mikupa @ I<3Anisong AFA

After the concert

After the concert

Attended Mikupa, the first ever proper Mikupa for Singapore! (and my first live concert ever, excluding the Grasshoppers one my parents took me when I was a baby)

It’s quite a funny story, really. Jasmine and I are not really huge fans of the vocaloid characters. It’s more like we’re interested in the producers (and their songs), and some of the amateur singers who cover vocaloid songs. On top of that, we don’t have much confidence in knowing a lot of vocaloid songs. Technically, this means we should be satisfied with just the songs in our mp3 player, and will not need to spend $48 for a stand-in ticket for this.

But when we heard about it anyways, we went ahead and purchased VIP tickets orz.

I said that it won’t hurt to splurge on a live and attend it in comfort anyways. Plus we never attend lives, so it’s not too bad spending more for this, right? And since this is a hologram, it’s really pointless if we can’t see it.

But our main reason was because we don’t want to get killed by body odour for two hours =x


Best tensionnnnnnnn best condishionnnnnnnn. (random short update)

Probably the most fun tenimyu 2nd cast song to sing.

Ten minute long song, complete with very long serifu.

Must include extremely lousy epic imitation of their voices too. Most notably JURI’s Akutsu, Aiba’s (Fuji) part right before Shirota’s (Tezuka) line LOL, and of course, Shiozawa’s (Mizuki) “Yiu are ze Piiiince of tenniissssss”

I’m really surprised how a lot of the tenimyu lyrics seem to appear back in my mind when I hear the songs. Though I admit, they were mostly 1st cast songs. Probably cus I watched DL1 to death.

Andddd I took my dad’s laptop 😀

So now I can play games YEEEEEEEEY.

But I have no idea what to play.

So I downloaded MapleStory LOL.

I’m really surprised by all the new jobs, and how easy it is to level up now as compared to last time.

I can’t wait to discover more games to play.

Andddd… I’m getting my car next Friday! YAY! Nervous and excited.

Lesson cancelled cancelled cancelleddddd.

Have some Matsushita Yuuya :’D

Surprise! No day 11 log! Not because he woke up, but rather, it’s an uneventful “nothing’s changed” day, so in a way, I’m glad it’s not as dangerously adventurous as the previous days. But well, still difficulty in breathing, fever, lung infection, ya.

I’m so put off with today. Was looking forward to horse riding, but first, the stupid bus broke down like in the middle of nowhere while it was heavily raining. I gave up waiting for the next bus and tried to walk along the bus path while trying to get a cab. And all the time I had this super angsty face going on lol. By the time I got on a cab and arrived there, it’s 10:20 already. And then the person by the reception?

“Huh? I told you lesson’s cancelled.”

The fuck?! Apparently she informed Ivory but didn’t informed me because she assumed we’re together. akjhsdfkjshdf so if I sign up in a 6 students class, you also going to assume that we all live together travel together sleep together issit?!

Lesson from 10AM got shifted to 4PM. That’s 5 hours of killing time. Even if we did want to go home or somewhere, the rain was too heavy to drive.

(Later on 4PM’s class was also cancelled because the training grounds weren’t fit for riding. RAWR.)

Arrietty and Day 10

Finally got around to watching Arrietty. Am always happy to discover more celtic music. Totally get immersed into the garden and forest by hearing the music. I appreciate how simple the lyrics are.

Love the set they did for her! AIYA why no allow embedding!?

Arriety’s Song (Japanese ver.) live

Cecile Corbel’s The Neglected Garden for the movie is also really beautiful to listen.

Again, Ghibli never does a Happily Ever After ending, but I think I’m starting to appreciate their idea of a happy ending more and more. You never did reach the end of your journey, and you probably felt like you’re back at the starting point, but you somehow still gained something from it all. And when it’s finished, when you’re ready, you move on. Happily Ever After always sounds impossible, because your life never ends just because of that. I think those endings are probably what could be considered the idealistic but achievable real happy “endings” for people.


J-Rock Disney and other random updates

One of the more exciting news shared by my friend Ivory.

Visual kei bands to take on Disney songs for ‘V-ROCK Disney’!

Essentially, songs from Disney films will be covered by J-rock/Visual Kei bands. And while I’m usually not very excited by the idea of “remixes”, I’m actually looking forward to this album coming out on September 7. I admit, I’m bias towards Nightmare, but at the same time, I do believe the bands can do a decent job of covering the songs without killing the inner Disney kid in us.

My guess is that A Friend Like Me is gonna sound like Nightmare’s the LAST SHOW