March 2011 archive

(Almost completed) Pokeball nailart and more Wreck This Journal

Just a while ago, I was toying with the idea of painting pokeballs on my nails. I did it, but unfortunately, the whole thing got messed up. I think it’s the white nail polish. The red nail polish was from OPI, while the white was from FUSO. And it gave me a loooot of problems. Couleur Inc’s yellow nail polish also gave me quite a bit of problem, though I was wondering if it was because of me instead since I had no problems with their gold.

But here, proof that I was pretty much done before all the weird shit happened. I have yet to clean the sides before taking the picture.




Wreck This Journal

A while back, several classmates of mine showed interest in this book called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I have the amazing power to make anything sound lame, but essentially this book tries to encourage you to embrace the idea of “to create is to destroy”. In every page, there is a set of instructions for you to follow (loosely) and er, go wild.


Strawberry Nails!

Jasmine recently tried out a tutorial and did strawberry nails! It was really cute, and I couldn’t help but feel cheerful when seeing it, so I thought I should try it too and make myself happy LOL.

Posing your nails is difficult work D:

I think I’m the proudest of my right thumb, because of the nice shape of the leaves hahaha.

Was a bit surprised that the leaves looked so dark. Maybe if paint a white base before painting green over? Or maybe it’s the green glitter..

Borrowed Books and Dissidia Thoughts

I met up with my friends to check out the recently opened nEx shopping mall, and we went to take a look at the library (which has an english version of the Phoenix Wright artbook lol!) Looking at how almost everyone had books in their hands, I finally got motivated enough to browse through the shelves. When was the last time I picked up a book? … 2 or 3 years ago lol. I don’t know how or when I lost the motivation to read leisurely.

I figured that since it’s been a while since I’ve last read a proper book, I might as well go with something light. I asked my friends to recommend me a fantasy romance book, and to my amusement, they immediately handed me one book along with its sequel.

Ready for some angsty romance time.

Assured that it’s really a light read (and lending me their library card – thank you Michelle <3), I finally borrowed it. I now know what I’ll be doing when I’m not paying attention in class I have nothing to do during breaks.

Aside from that, I’m suddenly back in a gaming mood.


Long Division Ghost Math Challenge

Look! I’m finally updating this blog LOL.

I came across this video which had a really interesting math challenge. It’s sorta like Sudoku, only more brainbreaking.

Like a sudoku challenge, all you have to do is just fill in the missing numbers.

Omg only one numeral D:

I happily took a break from mugging for my midterms to try solving it. /procrastinating

I think the hardest part is to actually find where to start. It took me a while to figure out the really obvious numbers (which I happily wrote it down in permanent marker)

I think I got it solved, but just to be sure, I messaged the guy. No, I’m not asking for a recording of his piano playing lol! (Prize for those who got it correct in their first try)

For those who are curious, my answer

And now, time for school.