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Before and After: Nails

People who know me long enough know my obsession with wanting to grow my nails to a decent length. Decent length being having visible white nails sticking out of the finger instead of the sad state where I chewed right into the pink bit of the nail. I finally got rid of the habit (sort of)

This took me 2 months to grow!



Dream of 16 years, fulfilled. I raise my fist up in triumph.

Originally my plan was to also include pictures of how my hair looks like with and without styling. Unfortunately I seem to be having more success in taking bad shots than decent shots. It’s not the hair’s fault; it’s my unglam face with the weird expression. I’ll try my best to post up photos of it in the next entry.

Styling is surprisingly easy and tricky at the same time. The whole process takes about 5 minutes, with majority of the time spending on applying hair wax to my hair instead of the tweaking part even though that’s the hardest.

I’m trying to reduce the hair wax usage, I promise.

Haircut! (and one Wreck this Journal WIP)

I did it! <3 Surprisingly there were no problems faced, except my right side is a bit off compared to my left, but IT’S OKAY. I’m happy <3

I managed to dye my hair a much lighter colour than my previous brown colours. My hairstylist was pretty adamant about avoiding anything with yellow in it, and I was sort of avoiding reds (No need to have red hair even though it’s one of my favourite colours /shot), so we narrowed down to very unusual colours. Previously, I went for this “Neutral” category which had a “light blonde” or something in it, but look what happened to my hair: Still brown as ever, but lovely colour of course.

This time, I wanted to try something lighter, but without looking like an ahlian. Maybe I’m subconsciously aiming for blonde, or maybe I just want to test how light I can go without looking hideous.

I think mine was somewhere around the top 2 colours...

I think mine was somewhere around the top 2 colours...

I was quite surprised he suggested the Blue/Violet category for me, since I’ve heard a lot of horror stories with blues for hair. And yes, crappy picture is crappy. I’ve been editing this photo many times to reflect the actual colours I remembered, but obviously I failed. Also, “Blonde”? What blonde.

My hair is still brown! But hey~ I like <3


Hair appointment in 14 hours…

Short hair and bob mook

Short hair and bob mook

Life changing experience! LOL.

I made an appointment for a haircut later. Very excited now! I’m definitely going to cut my hair short once and for all so that I would shut up and move on already. I know there is a high chance I might regret my decision, but I’d rather that instead of regretting not trying short hair at all.

I just need to tell myself that hair grows.

I also badly need a dye job, but if it’s not possible to dye it during the session for various reasons, I’m going to make a short trip to watsons and get some dye to DIY fufufu (unless someone manages to invite me out for a hair dye/cut/perm session in the near future)

As for the intended hairstyle, let’s just say I have a few in mind, but I’m not sure how possible it is for my current hair. Gotta discuss it with the hairstylist I guess.

I might do something extreme in the end. Then again, cutting short hair is already an extreme move for me.