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Time for me to watch my health too.

Some of you might know that several hours ago, my father suffered from a major stroke. He’s in a much more stable condition now, and I would like to take this opportunity (of not being able to sleep) to write down exactly what happened, so that I’ll never forget this moment for various reasons.

I post this not to ask for sympathy (though of course, I highly appreciate every single prayer and wish for my dad from you all), but as a reminder to myself how close death can be, and I really need to value the lives of those important to me, and my own life too.


Horse Riding #5 cleared \o/

I know I should be working on my lolita meme, but thinking of wishlists is actually quite hard lol.

Finally cleared my first 5 lessons of horse riding with Ivory, and I must say I feel very accomplished somehow. Okay five lessons doesn’t sound much, but let me be satisfied in being able to guide my horse around while posting to their trot, even if they might have been moving based on memory partially LOL. My horse was trotting hesitantly while we attempted a serpentine, and when we finally get to go large (trot along the side of the arena), he immediately sped up as it became a familiar route /shot

It's like the S course for a horse..

It's like the S course for a horse..

Recently my appetite has been decreasing, and it’s making me worried because I’m afraid that I would lapse back into that whole period of “no appetite to eat, get a tummyache at every thing I eat, feel sick nonstop. And since I didn’t eat much during the day, I shall do a lot of midnight snacking because my gastric cramps decided to say hello.” I noticed it when I stopped eating during our lunch breaks in school, and when I was having dinner with my friends just a while ago, I felt like gagging.

J-Rock Disney and other random updates

One of the more exciting news shared by my friend Ivory.

Visual kei bands to take on Disney songs for ‘V-ROCK Disney’!

Essentially, songs from Disney films will be covered by J-rock/Visual Kei bands. And while I’m usually not very excited by the idea of “remixes”, I’m actually looking forward to this album coming out on September 7. I admit, I’m bias towards Nightmare, but at the same time, I do believe the bands can do a decent job of covering the songs without killing the inner Disney kid in us.

My guess is that A Friend Like Me is gonna sound like Nightmare’s the LAST SHOW


30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 – 10 different kinds of food you like

Not putting it behind a cut because it’s really very short.

1. McDonalds Nuggetmeal (upsize, coke, no sauce please)
Was it hard to guess this one?

2. Beef
Medium Rare ftw.

3. Myojo’s Instant Tom Yam Noodles
My favourite, and my childhood. And it’s the easiest thing to wake me up with. Too bad you can’t eat this during lectures..

4. Wedges and fries
I prefer wedges to fries because they are thicker so there’s more to chew on, but when I think of thick fries like those from Mos Burger, or the really soggy soggy ones from McDs, I’ll gladly choose those over wedges LOL.

5. Coke
I love it. Unfortunately, drinking it straight out of the can kills my throat sometimes (too sweet). But I really really hate diluted coke, especially if the water doesn’t taste nice, making the coke really really disgusting to drink.

Also, when the coke gets too diluted, I get diarrhea immediately. I am unable to give you a scientific explanation for this, but I can give you a (painful) demonstration. It’s almost instantaneous. /TMI

6. Udon
With a hoooot bowl of broth. Best thing to have when the weather’s cold, other than a nice hot bowl of instant tom yam noodles, of course.

7. Caplico
It looks like ice cream, but it’s really just chocolate. I used to buy this all the time.. and then now it’s like some sort of obscure treat ._. If I ever find it for sale, I buy almost the whole stock..

8. Salmon sashimi/salmon belly sashimi
I once ate too much of it and got a tummyache.

9. Salty Meigan cai
The only vegetable that I’ll ever eat. But it has to be really drowning in sauce. I stress the word “salty”. It has to be reallllly veryyyyy salty.

10. Roast duck
Mmmm <3 and the chilli that usually accompanies it <33