September 2011 archive

Vroom vroom vroom~

My new shiny car is here! đŸ˜€

Not so watermelon opps! XD

Not so watermelon opps! XD

I’ve settled very comfortably in the car now. Driving and parking is a hell lot easier. It helps that I have a GPS navigator too lol. That’s as personalised as the car’s gonna get. And one iphone cable. It needs a mascot LOL.

I hope the “new-ness” of the car stays longer~ I didn’t allow my dog to get in the car because I was afraid her smell will stick in the car like our previous one. Mayyyybe when the car gets older, then I might reconsider.

I’m glad to say that I’ve gotten a lot better at driving and parking. It sounds a little weird, but I can’t wait for this car to hit its first 1000km. I’ll be like YEY finally I can drive faster on empty roads! /VROOOM

Best tensionnnnnnnn best condishionnnnnnnn. (random short update)

Probably the most fun tenimyu 2nd cast song to sing.

Ten minute long song, complete with very long serifu.

Must include extremely lousy epic imitation of their voices too. Most notably JURI’s Akutsu, Aiba’s (Fuji) part right before Shirota’s (Tezuka) line LOL, and of course, Shiozawa’s (Mizuki) “Yiu are ze Piiiince of tenniissssss”

I’m really surprised how a lot of the tenimyu lyrics seem to appear back in my mind when I hear the songs. Though I admit, they were mostly 1st cast songs. Probably cus I watched DL1 to death.

Andddd I took my dad’s laptop đŸ˜€

So now I can play games YEEEEEEEEY.

But I have no idea what to play.

So I downloaded MapleStory LOL.

I’m really surprised by all the new jobs, and how easy it is to level up now as compared to last time.

I can’t wait to discover more games to play.

Andddd… I’m getting my car next Friday! YAY! Nervous and excited.