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My tyre got murdered

And I only drove this car for exactly 60 days /cry

About two nights ago, while I was driving back home, some shitty metal rod/nail thing went through my tyre. I was in a rather deserted area at that time, well, there were like one or two cars every 15 mins or so, but it was deserted enough to have mongrels walking out from their hiding place to look at me. Believe me, it wasn’t very comforting to see them be so daring about it. Anyways, I stopped by a bus stop where there is more light, and idk why but I made sure that the lamp post near it had a security camera fixed to it. Just in case if something drastic happened to me, at least it got recorded down.

Also, before I continue, lemme just say that I’m very upset that I’m getting all these unfortunate things happening to me day after the other. From the mysterious jam on Friday, the plumbing system and lights in my house failing on Saturday, the electronic safe failing + the really shitty people in the concert on Sunday, to my taobao loot missing + dead tyre on Monday..


Mikupa @ I<3Anisong AFA

After the concert

After the concert

Attended Mikupa, the first ever proper Mikupa for Singapore! (and my first live concert ever, excluding the Grasshoppers one my parents took me when I was a baby)

It’s quite a funny story, really. Jasmine and I are not really huge fans of the vocaloid characters. It’s more like we’re interested in the producers (and their songs), and some of the amateur singers who cover vocaloid songs. On top of that, we don’t have much confidence in knowing a lot of vocaloid songs. Technically, this means we should be satisfied with just the songs in our mp3 player, and will not need to spend $48 for a stand-in ticket for this.

But when we heard about it anyways, we went ahead and purchased VIP tickets orz.

I said that it won’t hurt to splurge on a live and attend it in comfort anyways. Plus we never attend lives, so it’s not too bad spending more for this, right? And since this is a hologram, it’s really pointless if we can’t see it.

But our main reason was because we don’t want to get killed by body odour for two hours =x


Mahou Atelier goodness

Rorona says hi. What's that you say? You're 28 years old?

Rorona says hi. What's that you say? You're 28 years old?

It took me a lot of willpower not to get Atelier Rorona’s artbook with the shiny character designs and printed illustrations.

It took me twice the amount of willpower not to get Atelier Totori’s artbook with the shiny character designs and printed illustrations.

I rolled and died and whined nonstop when the 2-in-1 artbook featuring both Rorona and Totori with the shiny character designs and printed illustrations was Sold Out ):

Imagine my utter glee when I finally got my hands on the premium artbook featuring all 3 Rorona, Totori and Meruru in it. With the super shiny character designs and very very very expensive excellent print quality illustrations.

It’s the coke withdrawal.

Still waiting for my stuff to arrive so that I can start talking about happy stuff in my blog lol.

Significant happenings in my life:

I topped up for an iphone4s!

I figured it’s about time since the 3gs is getting very wonky. It keeps turning the volume up and down for no apparent reason, which scared me because I thought my headphones/sound system in the car had problems. And then there’s the huge lag + multiple crashes generally. My friends and I have been playing with Siri just for the novelty of it, and I guess Siri doesn’t understand Singaporean English lol. It understands us better if set to US English compared to UK English, but still not good enough. There have been a few amusing answers to our queries, but I think the funniest parts were all the mistranslations of our words.

I’m trying to cut down on my coke intake.