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30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 6

Gasp, I’m actually still doing this? Lol. Don’t expect much of it. I looked at the rest of the topics, and everything’s like…

Maybe I’m just really out of rori. haha XD;

I’m giving up on Day 5 for now, and moving on with Day 6.

Original Meme

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

I’m not sure how to interpret this topic, and actually, a lot of them, since most of my answers just sound like very generic Life questions. Rori things that I cannot live without? Or Things I cannot live without if I wear rori? Hahaha…

In no order…


Japan Trip: Elisabeth Gala Concert 2012

I took ages writing this out, even longer than my Swallowtail entry despite the former having a lot more content. Again please ignore all the bad English and lousy arranging of content. I have no energy to preview XD;


01 poster

The main reason why Jasmine and I went to Japan this November was because of the (sort of) last minute notice that this year, in celebration of Takarazuka’s Way to 100th Anniversary, the fourth special concert will be an Elisabeth Gala concert featuring graduated troupe members who performed in previous Eisabeth performances.

(Photos are a mix of mine, and from the web which all belong to their respective owners.)


3rd trip to Swallowtail

Not writing out my trip in chronological order!

After reading this entry, I realised I sound quite “out of breath”. Forgive me. This is really a long entry XD; If I sound awkward here and there, just ignore it.

So the last time Jasmine and I went to Japan, we went to the butler cafe Swallowtail twice and got ourselves the member card. This time, we decided that we should put aside time to go to Swallowtail once again.

In our previous visits (I just realised I only wrote about our first visit to Swallowtail LOL. Opps) we felt that our footmen didn’t talk to us much. Well, the first footman “Daniel” tried his very best, but we were too nervous. Asahina was probably because he was too busy, being his last day and all. Can’t blame him really!