Lesson cancelled cancelled cancelleddddd.

Have some Matsushita Yuuya :’D

Surprise! No day 11 log! Not because he woke up, but rather, it’s an uneventful “nothing’s changed” day, so in a way, I’m glad it’s not as dangerously adventurous as the previous days. But well, still difficulty in breathing, fever, lung infection, ya.

I’m so put off with today. Was looking forward to horse riding, but first, the stupid bus broke down like in the middle of nowhere while it was heavily raining. I gave up waiting for the next bus and tried to walk along the bus path while trying to get a cab. And all the time I had this super angsty face going on lol. By the time I got on a cab and arrived there, it’s 10:20 already. And then the person by the reception?

“Huh? I told you lesson’s cancelled.”

The fuck?! Apparently she informed Ivory but didn’t informed me because she assumed we’re together. akjhsdfkjshdf so if I sign up in a 6 students class, you also going to assume that we all live together travel together sleep together issit?!

Lesson from 10AM got shifted to 4PM. That’s 5 hours of killing time. Even if we did want to go home or somewhere, the rain was too heavy to drive.

(Later on 4PM’s class was also cancelled because the training grounds weren’t fit for riding. RAWR.)

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