Need. Aircon. Now.

I do not want to be one of those who act as if they are suffering the most (and thus you need to understand and pardon them for their selfish actions, and have to constantly ~massage~ their stupid ego), and I hope that in my entire life, I’ll never behave like one.

Different people deal with situations differently, but I think it’s normal for people to desire feedback and interaction from others no matter what. I would like people to show signs that I matter to them. A form of acknowledgement to my existence, what I’m proud of, and what matters to me. And if I could, I hope that whatever I do for my friends could make them feel the same sense of contentment whenever I receive such feelings.

I have seen people who ask directly for comments, and I think it’s fine. But when it comes to fishing for compliments and sympathy, it annoys me to no end. And it’s people like these that will make me feel like a hypocrite because I end up having the urge to do some fishing. And then I get very frustrated with myself for even thinking about it ._. I should just solve this all by having these people out of my life.

Now that I let that part out, I feel so much better.

All the air conditioners in the house broke down. The one that’s functioning the best is the one in my dad’s room, but even a fan is much better than that hot-air blowing thing. Just a few hours ago, the repairman for the aircon in my mum’s room came. After he fixed it and left, it gave off this lifesaving cool breeze for a few minutes before it went kaput again :/ I can’t wait for Friday to come where the repairmen for my aircon comes over.

In an attempt to take my mind off the heat (omg I’m dyinggggg I’m turning madddddd), I shall try to work on the rori meme surf taobao more /shot.

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