It’s the coke withdrawal.

Still waiting for my stuff to arrive so that I can start talking about happy stuff in my blog lol.

Significant happenings in my life:

I topped up for an iphone4s!

I figured it’s about time since the 3gs is getting very wonky. It keeps turning the volume up and down for no apparent reason, which scared me because I thought my headphones/sound system in the car had problems. And then there’s the huge lag + multiple crashes generally. My friends and I have been playing with Siri just for the novelty of it, and I guess Siri doesn’t understand Singaporean English lol. It understands us better if set to US English compared to UK English, but still not good enough. There have been a few amusing answers to our queries, but I think the funniest parts were all the mistranslations of our words.

I’m trying to cut down on my coke intake.


I can drink up to 3 cans per day. 1 in the morning when I go for class, 1 during lunch break, 1 during dinner. I do this every school day. Sometimes, I drink 1-2 cans more depending on whether I want another meal, or if the 2nd class requires me to get another coke (so that I won’t die). I think you can see why I think I should cut down lol.

My health is not very good in the first place, since I don’t have a balanced diet (I bet I’m like _insert a lot of different vitamins and what nutrients_ deficient already). I’m also afraid of getting diabetes. Bringing a water bottle with me every day now lol.

Queued up for Samantha Thavasa’s Lucky Pack sale!

Just saying, if you really want it, queue up earlier for it. And then if you want to bitch about the no rules thing, do it in an un-sour-grapey way, don’t give excuses and lies, and be more professional about it.

My plan was to get one for myself and help Jasmine get one cus she couldn’t join the queue due to work, I quickly checked with the staff staff a few days before the sale if it was okay to purchase more than 1 pack. They seemed really shocked by my question, but they say it was okay. Yay for them allowing it, I’m not complaining lol, but I realised that you know, not limiting it can be quite dangerous since there were only 10 for each pack. I rephrased my question to see if they would change their policy.

“So if I say I want to buy 4, 5, or even all?”

“Oh yes! You can buy all!! As long as there are packs left! Just that first come first serve only la, of course.”

So it’s really a “you snooze you lose” thing as my friends would put it.

I had fun queuing up though đŸ˜€ Hopefully our wallets will allow us to do more of such things again!

Oh noes, I need to retake modules

I’ve known this for a while, but after some checking, I confirm need to retake 2 modules or more if I want to graduate. UB has some sort of requirement that other than the standard 2.5 overall GPA to pass, I need to have another 2.5 accumulative GPA for a set of modules. Unfortunately, I did very badly for all those modules. I do hope that I can graduate together with the friends I’ve made in school, so I probably have to squeeze everything within 3 semesters.

I don’t dare to sleep because I’ve been having nightmares/unsettling dreams every day.

All of them has got nothing to do with what I’ve been thinking about/experienced either, so I don’t know what even triggered such topics. To counter this, I’ve started sleeping during the afternoon with the dog in my room, so that I at least got some rest should I stay up till late at night. It screwed up my mental clock really badly though, and that’s not good because I drive very often now, and my mother’s starting to nag again because she’s convinced I’m not sleeping and staying up for, idk, the fun of it (you know, never see means never do. Then stay up means confirm playing /eyeroll), so I need to figure out a new plan lol. Plus, I’m starting to dream during the afternoon too sob. Listening to talk tracks/generated raining sounds works when I’m not paranoid+dead tired, but it means I 100% cannot hear my alarm, so it’s no good when I have school the next day. Plus my ears will hurt /uses headphones.

I sleep best when I’m with human company I think. It’s like a reassurance of some sort. But there’s no one at home haha. I could sleep with my mother like what we did during the period where we have no aircon. I don’t dream, but I didn’t have a good sleep either, and sleeping on her bed means sharing with the dog, which equates to bajillion breakouts on my face, so forget it. I’ve been going over to Jasmine’s place (whenever she’s at home) to catch some zzzzz (though I really should stop that) but as usual, mother can’t stand it that I’m not back by 10 even though I told her in advance that I’m resting, I’m at Jasmine’s blahblahblahblah.

There’s still the issue of her using my dad’s name as long as it’s to her convenience (i.e. every time I do something she not shuang with), so I hope she gets it into her head soon that I have every right to be angry (and show it) when she does that. I don’t care how she deals with my father’s death, my way of dealing it is of course going to be different. To accuse me (and tell her friends) that I’m unaffected by his death because I’m going about with my regular routine is like, wahlau. I know la, mother or not, confirm will bitch one way or another about their kids to their friends, but this one is too much :/ What you want me to do, every day cry in front of you issit?

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  1. amanda
    May 31, 2012 at 2:20 am (7 years ago)

    hi, may I know how early did you queue for the samantha thavasa lucky pack sale in order to be able to purchase them?


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