Mikupa @ I<3Anisong AFA

After the concert

After the concert

Attended Mikupa, the first ever proper Mikupa for Singapore! (and my first live concert ever, excluding the Grasshoppers one my parents took me when I was a baby)

It’s quite a funny story, really. Jasmine and I are not really huge fans of the vocaloid characters. It’s more like we’re interested in the producers (and their songs), and some of the amateur singers who cover vocaloid songs. On top of that, we don’t have much confidence in knowing a lot of vocaloid songs. Technically, this means we should be satisfied with just the songs in our mp3 player, and will not need to spend $48 for a stand-in ticket for this.

But when we heard about it anyways, we went ahead and purchased VIP tickets orz.

I said that it won’t hurt to splurge on a live and attend it in comfort anyways. Plus we never attend lives, so it’s not too bad spending more for this, right? And since this is a hologram, it’s really pointless if we can’t see it.

But our main reason was because we don’t want to get killed by body odour for two hours =x

I enjoyed watching videos of the first two Mikupa held in Tokyo, so I thought it would be cool to be see the hologram live. I got what I expected, so I was satisfied. There was one really weird occasion where Miku suddenly faded away from her special glass pane because of the lighting, and there were times where the characters looked a bit transparent (on the recorded screens for the poor souls who can’t see the “actual” vocaloids), but I think I was too focused on waving my lightstick and getting jiggy with the songs to give a damn LOL.

Due to a mysterious traffic jam from nowhere, we were late for the concert by half an hour ): But after screening through many comments from the AFA facebook page, we conclude that our favourites (which we hoped they will perform it for today’s live) did not pop up during that half an hour, so we feel much better about it. I love how we managed to rush in, and in came Ee? Aa, Sou, a song we were familiar with. Talk about good timing. We immediately got into the mood. And then suddenly, omgI’msogladIdidn’tmissthis, in came Luka’s segment, and her opening act was RyuuseiP’s RIP=RELEASE. And then Jasmine and I just went screaming and jumping and singing and all that typical Live high mood.

So fine, no Magnet, no Spice!, no Just be Friends BUT IT’S OKAY. MY RYUUSEIP FIX IS FULFILLED. (I know JBF is not by him, but seriously you’ve got to love his cover)

Miku, Luka and Rin were reallllly cute. Especially with Miku and Rin’s constant clothes change. A biiiit unfortunate that I don’t really know much of Rin’s songs (WTF NO MELTDOWN ;A; )

With the exception of iroha uta, of course.

Cue crowd (after every chrous): AhhhaaaaaaaAaaaaaAaaaa~~~~~~

And all hell broke loose for me when Len popped in with his opening act of Migikata no chou.

Completely my highlight of tonight’s concert. I LOVEEEEE IT. If I said that I went crazy at RIP=RELEASE, I went ultimate gungho with this one. I have to thank one of my favourite singers, Nodoame, for this. I fell in love with his cover of the song sooooo badly. Len’s dance routine was superrrrr Act Cool, it made him so cute HAHAHA. His routine is adapted from the one in the video, except there was better rigging, way way more variations, he performed the full song instead of the short version in the video, and he generally spazzed more on the stage LOL.

But anyways, that video just nice has all the parts I laughed so hard while screaming along. I love how I went ahead and spazzed out that repeating nonsensical part (around 1:30 in the video), and it’s always a treat singing the last part of the song (2:25), and laughing at Len’s general Act Cool-ness (Me to Jasmine, “Wah wah did you see that LOL. He, like, did this /does body wave with a Cool Face”)

Other fun segments include the completely unexpected (only for me; Jasmine expected it) Po Pi Po (Piiiiiiii~~~~), with the keyboardist raising his own lightsticks and dancing the entire routine for the full song LOL.

It looked damn fun in such a short video, it was even better full song live đŸ˜€ And she danced in a yukata this time! It’s the same routine as the one in Dreamy Theatre, but since they used a human rigging for the live, it was a lot better.

Funny how I enjoyed this song even though it’s telling me that I should buy vegetable juice hahah. (bejitaburu na-a-a-a-a-a-a-a~) The english part was supppper funny (We are Vegetari-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-an~)

A few days before the concert, when we heard that Mikupa will be streamed to Nico Nico live, we both started to reconsider dressing up or going there in more comfortable clothes. I voted for comfort, but Jasmine said she wants to dress nicely because “well, what IF we got filmed?!” And I remember how I kept on saying that it’s impossible.

An AFA Staff member aimed his h00j camcorder at her during the live. Twice. And it’s not those “let us swing the camera about and show you at a glance how rah rah the audience are!” moments. It’s those “let us zoom in and show you some of the audience!” kind of longer moments. Dammit why did I take off my jacket and muffler cryyyy.

It won’t be the video that is streamed live (It probably will be those Youtube promotion videos “I<3ANISONG IN 2011!"), and who knows, it might not make it into the final cut. But omg I can't believe it HAHAHA. And now my brain is starting to shut down, so I can't remember anything. I leave you with one last pic, my "spoils" đŸ˜€ [caption id="attachment_165" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Silver ribbon tape on the pass is a bit of a streamer from the concert"]Silver ribbon tape on the pass is a bit of a streamer from the concert[/caption]

We were both quite happy we got yellow and pink lightsticks from the redemption booth. We didn’t want green and blue. Jasmine likes Luka among the vocaloids, so yey. As for yellow, it’s not because I love the Kagamine twins. I suddenly remembered that Nodoame can be represented by yellow because of his signature VC throat candy /bias like anything

/screammmmmsssssss and takes one

/screammmmmsssssss and takes one

I still can’t believe I jumped in my heels.

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