My tyre got murdered

And I only drove this car for exactly 60 days /cry

About two nights ago, while I was driving back home, some shitty metal rod/nail thing went through my tyre. I was in a rather deserted area at that time, well, there were like one or two cars every 15 mins or so, but it was deserted enough to have mongrels walking out from their hiding place to look at me. Believe me, it wasn’t very comforting to see them be so daring about it. Anyways, I stopped by a bus stop where there is more light, and idk why but I made sure that the lamp post near it had a security camera fixed to it. Just in case if something drastic happened to me, at least it got recorded down.

Also, before I continue, lemme just say that I’m very upset that I’m getting all these unfortunate things happening to me day after the other. From the mysterious jam on Friday, the plumbing system and lights in my house failing on Saturday, the electronic safe failing + the really shitty people in the concert on Sunday, to my taobao loot missing + dead tyre on Monday..

When it first happened, I panicked and thought something went wrong with the engine because the sounds and bumps I heard were like chug chug chug chug chug and I know the fuel pipe was around the area where I can feel the chug chug going on. I restarted my engine just to see if there might be any changes, but obviously it didn’t work. Mind you that this is really the first time I experienced anything like this, so I really didn’t know what to think of this, and how to respond accordingly.

I kept on trying to feel around the tyres to see if there was anything, but I must have sucked because I really didn’t find anything. I even did the whole sprawling on the ground with my phone acting as a flashlight thing. My last attempt was the stupidest: I was outside the car and let go of the handbrake. My logic was that I wanted to observe the car from the outside at the moment it goes chug. Needless to say I ended up jogging to keep up with my car, jumped in dramatically, and braked =A= Stupidest move ever.

Luckily it stopped just after a bump, so I finally found the stupid nail thing at the bottom right wheel. I contemplated pulling it out, but after touching the nail tentatively, I figured that I won’t have any strength to do so.

Around that point, my classmate contacted me asking what time would I be able to submit my part of a group project to her. And I immediately took the opportunity to ask her boyfriend (who was most definitely by her side at that moment) what on earth should I do. He referenced the photo I tweeted, and said that it looked like it was out of the tyre’s way, so it should be safe to drive slowly back home. The logic was that since I didn’t hear an exploding sound, and the tyre seems like it’s not deflating any moment soon, it should be safe to go home first, then take it to some tyre shop to deal with it. There was a short conversation where it involves tyre changing, but I don’t know how to change my tyre, so ya, I felt really stupid at that point staring at my spare tyre.

Even though I was told that I could continue driving it back home, I really didn’t feel safe about it. I keep thinking what if it starts deflating while I’m on the move, and then something happens. And he only could advice me as much as he could based on that one photo. I just stood by my car for a little while longer feeling very lost. I then spotted a taxi, and quickly flagged it down and shamelessly asked him if he could change my tyre lol.

All he did was give my tyre a few kicks and said that there’s no way my tyre needs to be changed at all. He said that since the tyre’s pressure is still very good, there’s no way the nail could have punctured the tyre, so it’s probably only wounded at the surface, and all I need to do is to pull it out with some tool, and then get it patched.

In the end I guess I really can’t do anything about it, and I have a deadline to meet, so with one last “Just drive verrrrry slowlyyyyy” from my friend, I crawled back home, with the very deafening chug chug chug sound.

Here is where I complain about my unreasonable mother, because apparently I’m not allowed to sulk in a situation like this. I was very insistent about having the tyre changed because when there is something wrong with the tyre, logic says you don’t use it :/ My mum believes that I wanted it changed because I don’t want to take public transport to school tomorrow and do not understand the value of money because tyres cost hundreds, like I’m some sort of selfish kid. Then it just escalated to a one-sided screamfest with a lot of stupid things coming out from her mouth (“It’s because you’re coming home late that’s why you get into this sort of mess!”), and I just kinda lost it and burst into tears after running into my room lol.

Ah, whatever.

The next day, I looked like some sort of wreck, so I decided that I’m not in the mood to go to school. My mother claimed that it’s because I don’t want to take public transport lol. Ivory dropped by to pick up her stuff (we got stuck in the rain with my dog whoops) and accompanied me around to figure out what to do with the car. We pulled over at the nearest tyre shop which just coincidentally has bridgestone tyres yey, and while I know it’s not good for my wallet, I had a little “I told you sooooooo” moment when they took out my tyre, and said there’s no way this can be saved.

(It was also at this point where I realised that during last night, even if I wanted to change the tyre, I couldn’t do it without that lifting tool thing LOL)

Ya, it went through by the side. But it went all the way in diagonally.

Ya, it went through by the side. But it went all the way in diagonally.

They attempted to patch it, but the moment they tug the nail, there was a lot of gas sound going on, so it was really a lost cause. They put the tyre in a bathtub full of water to show us the bubbles that indicated where the air is coming out (which I thought was a brilliant idea as compared to hovering your hand around it to feel for the hole), and there were two holes. The nail pierced in once, and came out the other side or something. And they were like, “It’s huuuuuuuuuuuuuge leh.”

I then found out that the spare tyre I have at the boot of my car is not the correct size (too small), which I might have snapped by then if it weren’t for the fact Ivory was there. Kinda like what was the bloody point of giving me a tyre that is not the same as mine. I also felt very wtf when I found out that they don’t have the tyre, and I need to order it specially. I called up the agent who sold the car to me to ask if she knew anything about what I should do now, and she told me that only the ~suzuki pandan service centre~ would have it “because yours is from Japan, not Thailand! So here won’t have your tyre one!”


They changed my tyre to the tiny spare one so that I could drive to the service centre, and I don’t know how to describe it, but it surely felt different driving a lopsided car. It’s not like the lopsidedness was super obvious (sorta.), but hmm idk, I felt paranoid and drove realllly slowly 8D;

I was annoyed when the service centre people gave me this “HANH OH NOES HOW” face when I told them of my situation. They too don’t have the tyre that I need, because mine is from Japan, the latest tyre blehblehbleh. They said that they will order one for me now, and will arrive the next day. I felt like it was a wasted trip.

This morning, I received a phone call from them telling me that because my car is from Japan, the latest tyre blehblehblehbleh, they haven’t even started importing these tyres yet. I only have two options: Change two tyres at the back to be the same, or make do with one different model, but supposedly similar. I asked them how long do I have to wait before they finally start bringing the model I need, they said that they’re also not sure because haven’t even started importing ._. I went with the second option. Went there in the afternoon for them to change the tyre, and told them to deal with the air pressure thing for the other tyres while they’re at it lol. They also tried to patch my old tyre, but were very taken aback by the huge holes, so also no cure. They said that the rod thing poked through the tyre like some curved hook. They asked did I mount some sort of sidewalk in a dramatic fashion to get such a damage, but boo I was driving in the middle lane.

This is called very suay.

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