Japan Trip 2012 Day 1: Shinjuku

It has been somewhat of a common knowledge that Jasmine and I are quite pathetic when it comes to directions. Many a time we relied on other people (or cabs) to get to places. That’s why not many people trusted me even with a GPS nagivation system in my car, or how our friends (especially our Sparklies friends) were feeling that we’re gonna be doomed and get lost in Japan, stuck in the country, and sold off as soapland girls or something (thanks guys <3 it's really nice to know you worry about us so much XD) In our previous trip, we had Shu to guide us to places, ask for directions etc. This time, we’re on our owwwn.

I have completely forgotten that the whole checking process before boarding can be quite a pain. Last time, it was to turn on and off our laptops. Jasmine and I were saying that this time it would be much easier because the macbook air I’ve got is a lot faster than the dinosaurs we carried last time. Turns out that yeah, we still have to take them out, but it’s the boots removing part that was annoying. All those with shoe laces were complaining, and I too complained because I have to adjust my shoes to some extent T_T

Our first souvenirs were tax free Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks. We’ve been eyeing them for a while because the packaging is so so so gold and bling and gold. I got myself 1 Nude Beige, but trust me, it’s nothing nude or beige. It’s Very Pink. I love how the colour really shows and stays on so well. Totally didn’t need to reapply unless I’m like wiping my lips nonstop after a meal.

The moment I boarded the plane, I lost the cover to my pen oTL. Good thing I found it after some really painful finger maneuvering. And then I got really queasy from all the motion sickness. My sinus also decided to say hello to me. It didn’t help that the dude behind me purposely jammed his knees to my seat so I couldn’t push it back to relax. Thankfully, he had to make a toilet trip halfway during the trip, and Jasmine immediately whispered to me, “Quick! Now’s your chance!!!” /pushesssssss

There were a lot of interesting choices for movies! I contemplated watching that cheesy Red Riding Hood with that stupid twilight feel to it (that should mean it’s a brainless show right..? LOL), but I settled for watching Up because I never got to finish watching it. Also, I’m amazed at how people could watch very serious brainbreaking shows. The guy in front of me was watching those really long intensive documentaries depicting American politics, war and all that. The kinds that dated wayyyy back to the first politics aired on tv etc. that kind.

I am also very proud to say that I ate all my breakfast (and a portion of Jasmine’s) excluding the fruits and that tomato đŸ˜€ Mostly ate them to get rid of the motion sickness, but yes! I ate them!!

We also didn’t get lost getting to the Narita Express. Well, we got a bit confused trying to get to the JR travel service center (because we were at level 1 and didn’t know it was at B1), but other than that, we got on the Narita Express safely without problems. We even managed to catch the 2:15 express! Yeeeey.

When we arrived at Shinjuku, omfg my legs froze to death /was wearing normal tights. The wind, the wind. It was sooooo cold.

And the tunnel that leads straight to the hotel. Omg wtf is with that tunnel WHY SO LONG. Toyoko Inn wasn’t that far I’m sure! I feel so cheated!

8 minutes walk? Nonsense. They didn't mention the extra time you need to walk from the JR line to the south exit

And the hotel room. WHY. It’s way smaller, and why can’t I adjust the heater/aircon?! It’s sooooooooo warm. We couldn’t even open the windows, that’s how cheated I feel. The only plus side to this room is again, the toilet. It washes your butt how shuang is that?! If I have a lot of $$$ for renovating my new house, I want my toilet to have that butt cleaning function thing.

We got lost trying to get to Shinjuku Washington hotel. According to the website, there is no need to worry because there will be “ample signs everywhere to guide you” or something. I don’t see any signs?! The signs only start popping up when you find your way to the tunnel. But anything before that, you’re on your own. GEE. No “Use the directions to the Government Office” or “Follow the direction of _____ exit/line/something”

And then from the hotel, we got lost finding our way to Closet Child. Beforehand, I’ve referenced Alanna’s entry about navigating to Closet Child in Shinjuku, and took down the exits and stuff to note. According to her, one of the exits we could take is from Nishiguchi Shinjuku station. I wrote on my little map “Nishiguchi”. To me, I know it’s Nishiguchi Shinjuku station, but Jasmine saw the word and automatically translated in her head as West Exit, so we got lost hee. We also didn’t see any Exit D5 or B16 etc etc etc, which got us very aggravated.

My sinus was killing me.

We oriented ourselves by heading up and managed to find Exit D4 or something, and walked about hoping to find D5 (and cranking my head up to spot the Closet Child sign). Finally, we found it. But we have 0 karma. Like really 0 karma. I did find a MM JSK that I eyed a bit when one was up for auctions. I am weak against such cuts. And a Baby black blouse with amazing gold rose buttons and princess sleeves lol. I think I couldn’t stand to go back empty handed after that treacherous journey.

We got lost getting back to the hotel. We somehow managed to get back, but you know, we got lost again.

The family mart was a lot smaller than the one nearby Toyoko Inn. The stuff there were a lot more limited too. No hot food like sausages or hashbrowns for me ): We ate combini food for dinner haha.

My sinus was killing me.

This concludes our very first day.

Next up, Day 2! Includes mild shopping at Harajuku, and our first Swallowtail dining experience!

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  1. Shu
    January 12, 2012 at 9:17 am (8 years ago)

    The MM jsk is gorgeous! Good choice lah XD And yey, u guys made it around Tokyo safely, so prooooud ;_;

    Looking forward to the Swallowtail experience!


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