Vague updates for the past 4 months

Officially gave up on finishing the entries for Japan (big surprise there) because the drafts disappeared on me.

Have also found the awesomness that is Canmake’s Gokunobi mascara (thanks Jasmine) and the Quick Lash Curl. Seriously, the mascara is so nice and natural, and the Quick Lash Curl, omg the Quick Lash Curl.

My lashes stay curled. Nothing can express how _________ I felt. HAHAHA IDK WHAT THAT MEANS

In this span of about 4-ish months, significant things has happened! (those who follow me on twitter probably know most of it though)

1. Horseriding lessons have been stopped temporarily! The good thing about this is that it gives me an opportunity to do something about my eczema.

2. My eczema is killing me. At first it was just behind the left knee, then now we’re talking about my entire legs. Ya, both of them. It has spread to the sides and front of my legs, so now my legs have these stupid rash and cuts that look like they’re all gonna scar.

The doctor was really a great help. “Ah, yes. Eczema. Have this cream.” Will go to some skin specialist eventually T_T Maybe get a proper check on what am I allergic to. I’ll laugh if they say “all”.

3. In the midst of moving house! Completely mixed feelings about the decisions for our new home, but whatever already I don’t care anymore. My stress level will shoot up again when the Ultimate Packing begins.

4. Indulged in many nua sessions. Had a very fun nua doll meet with Ivory and Jasmine. Went for long karaoke sessions twice in one week with Ivory, Shu and Jasmine, and ahahaha omg it was really fun. Went for a nua staycation with Jasmine at Studio M Hotel for my birthday where all we did was sleep in, and run up and down the stairs (okay the latter was just me). Will post piccies later! Omg self this is where you use your flickr like NOW

5. WENT FOR LARUKU LIVE WITH JASMINE (AND FELI BUT SHE’S LIKE AWAY FROM US D: ) AND IT WAS LIKE WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. I am not a Laruku fan by any means until quite recently, and I used to think several of their songs were hard to follow back then. Wtf is wrong with me, Malice Mizer is Okay, but Laruku is Hard to Listen?! My ears need bleaching. But hurhur okay I eat all my words now and I really like a bunch of theirs now (it’s really convenient when they have all these Best of _insert period_ albums, and you just listen bit by bit by bit..) I don’t need to write anything about the live here, since I think there’s more than enough reports (and illegally recorded videos up on Youtube)

I lovelovelovelove how our seats were near enough to see their expressions clearly. It’s clear enough that I don’t really need to look at the screen unless Hyde goes to the far ends of the stage, or gets hidden by stupid mohawks and stupid soft toys. And okay, I went mad when they performed Revelation. I didn’t care about the stupid asshole next to me who was like a dead FAT UNMOVING ROCK, and just went wild screaming and waving my lightstick. What if I hit someone?! BRING IT ON /BODY SLAMS. THAT’S FOR TAKING UP SO MUCH SPACE AND BEING THIS WET BLANKET.

And then we 3 met up for some supper at McDs, and I have the pleasure of witnessing a mini Laruku concert in my car where Feli and Jasmine waved their dying lightsticks to the beat of the concert setlist 😀

6. Went for the Real Escape Game held recently, and I FELT SO USELESS HAHAHA. It was an experience which made me wish that I had exercised my brain more before stepping in. I felt quite shocked at how.. rusty my brain was when the puzzles were laid out. Like cannot kick the brain into gear fast enough.

I can’t say if I really enjoyed myself or not though. There’s nothing really fun when you feel useless, but if I were to be quite blunt about it, I was hoping it was more.. “escape room”-y, instead of “here be puzzles, some puzzles are hidden. SOLVE.” I thought it would be something more interactive! Granted, it will be a lot harder to execute, so yeah hahaha orz.

The use of the music and timing thing was really fun though. In the sense it made me panic.

7. Sometimes I wish the iMac isn’t this sturdy /shot This fellow is running on the OS Leopard, and I’m 2 OS behind. I had the CD for the Snow Leopard, but a certain father borrowed it for no apparent reason, and like father like daughter, I can’t find where he misplaced it. I don’t want to buy it again, especially when there’s still another OS after it, but I read that I need Snow Leopard to get to Lion…

I usually cannot be bothered with this, but many programs after their new updates become incompatible, so I’m like T_T 去你妈的. Then at this point I wish I have an excuse to get a new computer HAHAHAHA /TERRIBLE

8. Speaking of dolls, my handsome boys have returned! Why am I still not doing anything about my doll profiles and my Abadon I don’t knowwwwwwww. But the faceup artist I want has closed her shop for an indefinite amount of time, so er, sorry Abadon lol. I’ll try to think of a name for you at least..?

At least I’m getting the hang of your character..?

9. Sinus is killing me. I might consider seeing a doctor for this.

10. I had my first experience of playing L4D2 just recently. Normally I would be really scared of playing anything with freaky graphics, but I realised that playing with friends makes things less scarier. When I tried single player, I freaked out and didn’t dare advance to the point the zombies just keep spawning lol. With a friend, I was like FEARLESS SHOOT EVERYTHING IN SIGHT OH SHIT I SHOT THE WITCH RUN RUN RUN.

Plus, they just keep charging at you, I really was more of “KILL EVERYTHING THAT MOVES” to actually think about being scared hahaha.

I can’t think anymore, so I shall stop here.

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  1. Jasmine
    May 31, 2012 at 11:14 pm (7 years ago)

    At least you’ve found the Snow Leopard CD now! :3 Jiayou with the packing! ♥

    Please post pictures of your boys soon! And Elena!


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