Moved house!

Moved in to my new home on the 23rd! I know pictures are in order, but not when it’s not er.. unpacked nicely yet XD I really do hope I could do a housewarming soonnnnn.

I like the change so far! It’s a lot cozier so I’m not afraid of being in the dark “alone”. I have been trying to train myself to get used to the dark while sleeping as well, but it’s sort of working and not working at the same time lolol.

For some reason even though my room has a hugeass window, plus it’s facing the same direction as my mum’s window, my room is almost always covered in shadows lol.

I love my room, though I really need a lot of adjusting and stuff to buy. I need a lot of those little containers for all the linglinglonglong. Nua-ing is not as easy as before since if I want the bed, I have to pull down the desk and blablablabla. Was hoping that after I’ve fully unpacked (clothes actually), I have space to sprawl on the floor to relax.

I’m trying to cultivate a healthier habit of not turning on the air conditioner 24/7, which it’s sort of working so far considering how cooling this place is. And the breeze is wonderful.

Downsizing from a double bed to a single bed is not as bad as my mother feared, but omg where do I put my plushies?! Currently they are sitting on the top of my hidden bed mechanism thingy, and the one hugeass plushie which I use as a replacement for my precious bolster (thrown away sob) is like thrown all about the room whenever the bed is up.

The few things I’m upset about my room is probably the incorrect measurements for my shelves, and the general fear of dropping anything liquidy on any of the flooring.. (cus you know, they’re brand new, and they absorb anything like whoa..)

Other than that I’m really just chilling in my room and slowly unpacking.

Sorry for the crappy entry haha. Will churn out better entries soon. Namely my entry of the Wao Live Tour, and my trip to Hong Kong!

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