Japan Loot Part 1 (Rori)

You know the usual. Come back from trip, you post photos of your loot.

Most of the time I fail to take pictures of my loot. This year for both of my trip to Japan and Hong Kong, I guai guai take pictures of my loot, but fail to post them due to laziness.

Now I guai guai post them at least even if I get too lazy to write my entries cough.

Handcarry + check in luggage for both of us

Handcarry + check in luggage for both of us

I think we handled this packing thing a lot better, but probably cus we just found out that ANA allows twice the usual baggage allowance hurhurhur. Next time if I ever sit ANA, I’m bringing two suitcases or something LOL.

Anyways, I only managed to sort out photos for my rori loot, so the first post will just be piccies of it. I’m quite surprised by my CC karma. While most of these things aren’t something I would die for, they are things that I’ve been wanting to try/have for a long while. So yey.

From left to right (links to random databases are on the items’ names if I can find them):

Angelic Pretty long sleeve Marching cutsew OP in navy – 8800 yen
For a long time, I really want to try something exactly like this, from the cut of the dress to the style. I’m really happy I found this. I don’t know about rori, but I would love to dress in a lot of red accents with this. I’ll be like some walking British flag or something LOL.

Alice and the Pirates Teufel von Hameln skirt in emerald – 9800 yen
I love gold accents, and I do like dark green shades. It’s natural I end up wanting a rori item in this colour scheme LOL. And I have been interested in a bit of an understated stripey look lately (ever since I got my understated stripey wallpaper room LOL) And it has pockets and an A-line cut. Buy!

Excentrique gold brocade skirt + matching corset – 5200 yen for skirt, 2300 yen for corset
I wanted a gold mini corset. I got it đŸ˜€ And then the skirt was cheap too. I take LOL.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright floral JSK in blue – 6800 yen
My preference for JSK cuts like these started with Baby surprisingly, considering that it doesn’t do much of these to begin with. This along with similar generic floral JSKs + the first edition of Stain Glass made me like Baby back then. Every time this is spotted in auctions, I always stop at the link and waver XD

Angelic Pretty Chess Chocolate Emblem Embroidery blouse in brown – 7800 yen
I want a brown blouse for my rori stuff, and finally finallllyyyyy I got it. Bonus: It’s chess choco! Perfect to match with my chess choco JSK!

Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate crew socks in mint – 2500 yen

Innocent World Lidie OP in Black/Grey? (I can’t tell seriously) – 8800 yen
I don’t know what this series is until I did my research just a while ago, but I really want a dress like this for a loooong time too LOL. Something similar to the AP Marching OP. I don’t know if I have a thing for sailor collars or not, but to me I thought they look very modest and cute in a bit of a “school girl”-ish way, so I’ve really wanted to try wearing one. This was the cheapest among all the similar IW OPs scattered about in the various CCs!

Innocent World A-line skirt in bordeaux – 5800 yen
My dear MM skirt needs to take a break seriously. I’m getting way too fat for that, and if I wear it any more, either my stomach gets deformed, or the skirt busts. I think it’s time to find an alternative skirt for both of our sake LOL. This is seriously a good deal.

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  1. j.
    November 17, 2012 at 4:04 am (7 years ago)

    I love your loot, yay yay! Such good deals too! Now we just need opportunities to wear them out, hahaha.

  2. Ivory
    November 22, 2012 at 11:21 pm (7 years ago)


    • nosauceplease
      November 29, 2012 at 2:00 am (7 years ago)

      HEHEHEHE YES! Feel free to borrow! I didn’t know you were interested in this skirt!!


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