Japan Trip 2012: Meeting International Tokyo Roris + Maid Cafe Bar

(I have let this draft rot for a year 2 years now LOL. I don’t remember everything already oh noes. But I figured that I’m not gonna remember anymore even if I wait, so I’ll just throw this out here. And I’m tired of typing anymore for this entry.)

Before Jasmine and I set off for Tokyo, we asked around on EGL if there are any roris in Japan around the same time as us if they would like to meet up. Surprisingly, we did get a response, and a huuuuuge response at that!

The roris in Tokyo apparently had prior arrangements to attend a tea party held in Sumire no Tenmado, and since it’s already full house, we decided to meet after the tea party at Marui OIOI. I believe we were attracting quite the attention since it was a very huge group. We looked around Marui and headed down to Shinjuku’s Closet Child. We decided to rest in a pub next to the CC since it was raining, and most of the roris looked tired and hungry.

Jasmine and I were really quite shy to speak up, but thankfully everyone was really friendly to us. We even met a fellow Nightmare fan! We would have loved to speak with everyone more, but I think everyone looked like they were about to call it a day since they have been out way earlier than us.

A local rori asked us if we would like to tag along to meet another friend and visit a friend’s maid cafe bar in Akihabara. Jasmine and I have never been to Akiba, and we would never go to a Maid Cafe by ourselves, so we said yes LOL.

We got a little lost trying to find the cafe bar, and it was quite chaotic because it was raining nonstop. The girls in the cafe bar were really cute and fun. It didn’t feel like the typical Maid Cafe broadcasted on TV, and had a more personal touch to it. It was really like a bar, except er, Maid-fied LOL. There were even guys who just slept almost throughout the remaining of their session!

When we first went in, the Maids (it’s really weird typing Maids LOL) were all like “OOOH OKAERINASAI- OMG IS THAT YOU (/points to Tomo the local rori) WHY YOU SO PRETTY. OMG YOU BROUGHT PRETTY FRIENDS. OKAERINASAIIIII THANK YOU FOR COMING ALL THE WAY HERE UNDER THIS TERRIBLE WEATHERRRR” And then the Maid (Nana) who is Tomo’s friend wouldn’t stop saying we’re all so pretty while we settled down (thank you thank you flattery is greatly appreciated hahaha.) Tomo explained that the friends he brought today are all foreigners and it’s their first time coming to a Maid cafe, which she gratefully thanked us for patronising them. Can I just take this moment to say that their uniforms are actually damn cute?

There were these two guys talking animatedly to the girls, and they had this drawing competition to see who could draw the best crocodile. One of them took their paper and went over to us and asked us which one looks more like a crocodile. In Japanese. And he repeated his question. In Japanese. And I’m like “Omg D: You repeat twice in Japanese is not gonna help me at allllll. Wani is crocodile, but wtf did he just ask?!” Jasmine explained to me what was the question, and in the end, all 4 of us chose different drawings LOL. But he’s happy, and went back going all “HAH. TOLD YOU.” to the others.

Each of the Maids took turns trying to talk to us. They really tried their best, but every time they finished their mini talk with us, they will have this, “Mm. mm. mm.. ya. I did my best” look and walk back to the other girls, in which they will always be met with a “lolol you suck man.” which was really funny. Some of them apparently like rori too, and Nana’s all “Me! Love Baby (the stars shine bright)! Baby Girl! :D” and ran behind to bring out her Baby coat for us to see LOL.

Some of the things they talked to us (not in chronological order):

– Nana told us that she’s always seen Tomo when he’s dressed up “very Cool style”, and it’s her first time seeing him dressed up all cute.

– Somehow, Nana got mixed up and thought Jasmine and I were Korean. When we heard it, we quickly corrected them saying we’re from Singapore. The girls were all “ehhh!!!? Nana you got it wrong. They are Singaporeans.”
The 2 Crocodile guys, “Eh Korean? Nana you told us the wrong thinnnnnnnnnnng D< How could you!!!" - Jasmine and I were seated very near to the entrance of the bar, where this coffee maker machine is placed right next to us. I think it was this one?

One of the girls went over to make a cup of.. whatever drink it was, and then she felt that she had to talk to us (since we’re right next to it). In the simplest Japanese she could bring herself to say, she explained that this machine can make all sorts of coffee, and went on to list all of them. I have no idea what she was talking about. No it’s not that my Japanese sucks (it does), but I don’t know anything about coffee so..

Jasmine noticed the pamphlet next to it and brought it over for us to read. The drinks that could be made with this machine were all listed in English, and we went, “OHHH!!!! /repeats the drinks out” to let her understand that we know what she just said. Insert a “you suck man” moment from the Crocodile guys to her lolol.

– Halfway, another Maid came to report for work. She’s got this really nice light peachy pink hair up in twintails, and she was greeted by the guys that the Goddess has returned lol. As she did her rounds of simple greetings to her customers, Jasmine told her in Japanese that she likes her hair colour. And she just went on prattling in Japanese about how it’s supposed to be purple but it faded, and upon asking, she explained that she needs to go to the salon every two weeks for her hair. When she returned to the side where the other Maids were, they told her that we’re foreigners. She visibly paused, and was like “… No way. They just spoke to me in Japanese.” The other girl gave her a =_= face.

So after that, we braved the rain again and headed back to Akiba station where we aimed to go and have our karaoke fix. Later, we wanted to take group photo, so the obvious step would be to ask someone to help take our photo. But it was a tad bit difficult because we’re in rori and well, you get the idea. It can be pretty embarrassing still.

Tomo then tapped my shoulder and handed me the camera and gestured to someone and went, “You. Pretty girl. Go ask take picture :D”

My reaction: “/taps Jasmine You. Pretty girl. Go ask take picture :D”

Jasmine: /troubled face before resigning self to find someone

Sorry for the wet dog look. We’re all drenched very badly actually.

12 Nov 2012

As we said our goodbyes and went on our separate ways, Jasmine and I actually crossed paths with said Crocodile Guy and he took a double take before going “Areeeeeeee! The girls from before!! Take care and return home safelyyy :D” So nice haha.

I’m a lot more open to trying out maid cafes if I ever got a chance to after this experience. I know I’ll die from awkward embarrassment if I ever have to do some magic chant though lol. It helps if their uniforms are actually tasteful too – those skanky cheap racey things are really a huge turn off.

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