Tea Party with Aoki Misako

It’s really been a long while since I wore full out rori.

And I’m still trying to write my Japan trip entries LOL. I’ve failed so badly at writing entries for my previous trips, so I’m hoping that this one I’m able to write them all.

On the 20th November (Tue), a tea party with Kawaii Ambassador, Aoki Misako, was held in conjunction with the opening of Plaza Singapura’s JRunway, a select shop of Japanese fashion brands. My friends and I immediately RSVP-ed for it because this is such a rare chance!

Photo with Misako and her very elaborate and cute signature!

Photo with Misako and her very elaborate and cute signature!

When I read that the party starts at 6:30, I was quite troubled because school ends at 5, and that class tends to drag.. Plus I had a submission on that day whoops. I woke up super early to do my hair and makeup, which sucks btw because I screwed up the curling of my hair, and one side is more dead than the other. And I have this really hideous hugeass pimple right on the tip of my nose. But ah well I can’t do anything about it, so I packed up whatever I could and brought them to school. Thank heavens for car. I felt really conscious about being all made up in school because I really don’t dress up for school. I’m the kind that comes in a t-shirt, shorts, and slippers, with my fringe all pinned up. I look like I am heading downstairs of my house to the nearest coffeeshop to buy a packed lunch and go home.

I also had a mini panic attack where I thought I lost my car in Plaza Sing’s carpark, and I walked up and down the carpark in my full rori garb XD; And I stupidly forgot to bring a pretty bag, so I ended up carrying my valuables and some makeup in a biscuit pouch which totally goes with my coordi I’m sure lol.

Dress: Mary Magdalene Antoinette Fleur One Piece
Tights: Grimoire Un Ange
Shoes: Offbrand from Hong Kong
Choker: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Accessories: Offbrand

When my friends and I arrived at the location where the tea party was held, many have already arrived and had already settled down. My friends and I were trying to find somewhere to seat, but found no other space other than this table that was totally isolated from the other tables. And it was filled with cakes so it looked like the buffet table. It would look really weird to just sit there as if we’re out to monopolise all the cakes lol. But we were told to sit down, so we had no choice but to sit there. Later on, we started to help distribute the napkins, cutlery and some of the cakes over to the other tables. It’s also because we wanted space for tea LOL. But the waiters came back to refill our table with more cake, so ah well, there went my tea XD

Feel free to read more about the event from my friends’ pages here and here.

Like what both entries said, I was really shocked when Misako sat down with us. My friends all turned to look at Jasmine. “We’re counting on you 8D; to help us translate.”

And then I stupidly told Misako, “Sumimasen.. Watashitachi (gestures to us all) no.. nihongo wa…NO!!!! (puts hands in a cross sign)” HAHAHA FAIL. But she was very nice to quickly tell us there’s no problem with that since we are all able to communicate with each other somehow. In fact, her translator was also fun to talk to briefly. She asked us (in Japanese omg ;;; ) how did we know Japanese. In a series of stuttering and broken one worded answers, she understood it as, “We ‘studied’ using TV dramas.” Shu also gestured to Jasmine and I saying “Takarazuka”, and we mentioned that we like them a lot, and went to Japan to watch. In answer to her question if whatever we were watching is good or not, all I could do was what I did in Japan nonstop: I gave a thumbs up sign with a very satisfied expression.

Anyways, have more pictures LOL.

A group photo of part of the Sparklies with Misako! :D Idk what my hand was doing there.

A group photo of part of the Sparklies with Misako! đŸ˜€ Credit goes to Cher-ly! Thank you! Idk what my hand was doing there.

I want to show off my pretty dress and choker while sparing you guys my ugly face.

I want to show off my pretty dress while sparing you guys my ugly face.

Like what Jasmine wrote in her entry, I didn’t ask for a solo shot with Misako ): But we managed to have one with her the next day after the JRunway launch! It was really funnny. Ivory, Jasmine and I went there and couldn’t see anything, and ended up hanging out with some of the local roris at Hoshi cafe which has super awesome tasting pancakes. We then went down to try our luck, but it seemed that Misako has already left. Some of them stayed hoping to catch her, and Ivory had made plans and left first, so Jasmine and I gave up and headed to the exit. And lo and behold, we saw Misako at the entrance! O: We stood a bit of a distance away from her dumbly, because we didn’t dare approach her because we weren’t in rori. She made eye contact with us, and managed to remember Jasmine first! The Putumayo representative (? ) who was taking photos of Misako came over and told us that since it’s such a rare chance, let’s have a solo shot taken with her /reaches out hand to ask for our handphones. Embarrassingly, the first photo we had with her was too blurry, so we had to ask for another photo 8D;; Sorryyyyy.. ;;;

Randomly, I really wish my fringe won’t part like this all the time. Why can’t mine be as nice as Misako’s LOL.

I mean seriously, look! So much nicer LOL!

We talked to her for a bit more! She commented that we weren’t in lolita, and asked if we came from work (which we were like “o_o noooo, no way!! /shakes head”). She asked us where were our clothes from, and happily pointed out that our handbags were from Samantha ahahaha. Basically, very girl talk XD

Feel free to check out Misako’s blog entries about the tea party here and here.

(Since I managed to write this entry out. I better be a good girl and write my Japan trip entries. And that Wao Yoka live entry D< SELF. WORK.)

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  1. Tessa
    November 26, 2012 at 11:41 pm (7 years ago)

    Oh my I have been reading your blog for so long but never realized you are Teresa!!

    • nosauceplease
      November 29, 2012 at 2:00 am (7 years ago)

      Oh! Hello! Hahaha what a coincidence! XD I admit I don’t post much photos of myself on this blog. On top of that, my blog isn’t very rori either… =x


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