3rd trip to Swallowtail

Not writing out my trip in chronological order!

After reading this entry, I realised I sound quite “out of breath”. Forgive me. This is really a long entry XD; If I sound awkward here and there, just ignore it.

So the last time Jasmine and I went to Japan, we went to the butler cafe Swallowtail twice and got ourselves the member card. This time, we decided that we should put aside time to go to Swallowtail once again.

In our previous visits (I just realised I only wrote about our first visit to Swallowtail LOL. Opps) we felt that our footmen didn’t talk to us much. Well, the first footman “Daniel” tried his very best, but we were too nervous. Asahina was probably because he was too busy, being his last day and all. Can’t blame him really!

Anyways, we went during the evening, and we’re greeted by a different butler (No “Tanaka” and “Richardo” HAHAHA) and our footman was called Narasaki. This time we’re completely not nervous 😀 I give us both a pat on the back!

If I have to describe what sort of footman Narasaki is probably enacting, he feels like the kind of butler that while he’s young (so not like some old fart), he’s probably heavily involved in “bringing” up his ojou-sama, and so he has a bit of an authority in “scolding” her. To make it easier to visualise (or show you that I have a wild imagination), he’s the kind that I can totally imagine myself as his ojou-sama to have this sort of scene:

Narasaki: Ojousama, it’s time to wake up and have breakfast. For today’s breakfast, salad. Your schedule for today will be your French lessons, violin lessons, dance less-
Ojou-sama: Ehhhhhhhhh D: Noooo I don’t want veggieeeee!! Narasaki can I skip classes for today pleaseeeeeeeeeee?
Narasaki: Nooooo you cannot ojou-sama! You are the young mistress of this prestigious household. You need these lessons to carry on the name!”


We were guided by Narasaki to our seat, which was YEY another curtained cubbyhole! <3 He parted one side of the curtains for Jasmine to enter, and out of habit, I just parted my side of the curtains to enter, and then Narasaki was like "!!!! Ojou-samaaaaaaa how could youuuu /reprimanding voice + amused frown” And then another footman rushed in to take over holding the curtains which was parted midway by me. “Such trivial things you should have left it to your footman here to handle it! From now on please do not lift your hands to do anything on your own and enjoy yourselves!”

Oh :’D ahahahaha ;;; (According to Jasmine, I did the same thing during my previous visit LOL)

Narasaki was very patient with us like our previous footmen, probably even more patient. As we settled down, he asked us for our members card. On the members card, the date of your last visit is listed there. Ours was in January. He repeated the date out loud and commented in that little amused+reprimanding voice that it’s been a lonnnnng while since our last visit, eh~? When he found out we came here for a holiday, he asked us where are we from. Upon hearing that we’re Singaporeans, he commented that just a while ago there was another Singaporean guest, but she has left already O:

As usual he went through the entire menu with us. I wasn’t sure what he asked us initially, and Jasmine didn’t catch the question in time. When we gave him our long and confused looks, he decided on his own to walk out and grab the english menu for us HAHAHA. (WONDERFUL. FINALLY THEY MADE THIS) He made sure that we’re all on the same page every time he moved on to another item in the menu, and for random stuff here and there he tries to list the item in English instead. I thought that was really nice of him to make that effort, especially since we all know we can just read it off the English menu while he points at the dishes. Of course, he didn’t list out every little drink in the drinks section, but he did mention that since all of them have unique names, we’re free to ask him over to describe to us what each tea is.

We took a little breather here and took in the decor once again. This time we noticed there’s a toilet now, but we didn’t go “pick flowers” LOL. We did see random girls “picking flowers” though. Jasmine then pointed out, “Is it just me.. or did they not ask us if we could speak Japanese or something as compared to our previous trip? And then our footman just went on in Japanese like it’s nothing despite knowing we’re foreigners?”


It was then we speculated for a while if they did any profiling for each of their members. We also joked that maybe it’s cus we looked too relax since I was half sprawling on the couch. But we didn’t think much of it because Narasaki popped in to pour us water (with a hell lot more flamboyance than our previous footmen LOL) and asked us if we’re ready to order OPPS.

We weren’t really hungry at that time, and were a bit stuck in deciding what to eat. Once again Jasmine received the “let me help you, and we shall decide together~” treatment :D. He asked us if we’re hungry, and we’re like “No D:”, and then he asked us if we have any plans to eat outside afterwards. Jasmine had to quickly explain to me what he was asking, and he tried to help Jasmine by adding a, “Ramen? /rubs tummy” HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jasmine expressed interest in the Ophelia set which was basically pancakes, chocolate ice cream, fruits and well, condiments which Narasaki took great care in telling us what they are (“Maple syrup from Canada. Honey! From ~France~. Soshite, Butter~” FYI they were really good, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy dipping her food in condiments and stuff.) However, he warned that the serving is huge. In response to Jasmine’s lack of appetite, he flipped our menu and recommended the monthly dessert sets, Black Jack and Pink Lady.

Now we’ve gone into the elimination phase. He repeated Jasmine’s 3 choices for her to decide. After a bit of contemplation, Jasmine finally lets it out that she doesn’t like cheese. He then covered Pink Lady on the menu with his gloved hand, and said she’s left with two choices LOL. When Jasmine finally chose Ophelia, I think he was telling her it would be good if both of us would share it since it’s a lot (?) I’m a bit confused with what he said, so I’ll leave that to Jasmine in her entry about Swallowtail.

Next we move on to drinks for Jasmine! He asked her the basic questions to eliminate most of the drinks. After Jasmine answered his questions, he was like “Ah I see! (repeats her request) Hmm. In that case, you have… a lot of choices left. /laughs while flipping menu to the drinks section”

Most of the stuff he was recommending to Jasmine were herbal tea. He also tried recommending the tea that was blended by himself called Bambina HAHAHA. We didn’t choose Bambina in the end, but Jasmine bought a pack of it afterwards XD While naming out some of the choices, he also pointed out to Jasmine in an amused fashion that there’s ~Jasmine tea~ /snigger.

There were really a lot of choices for her, but Jasmine in the end flipped the menu to a drink out of the category he was recommending and pointed out that Catherine Rose tea has a iced version, and she wants that, and Narasaki’s all “Ah! As one would expect of you to spot that, ojousama~ (aka sasuga ojou-samaaaaa~) LOL.

For me I chose the Williams set which was like.. cookies. Btw at that time when we were looking at the menu online, there was no picture okay. I know they have it now, but trust me, I really wasn’t expecting little buttons for cookies. I was expecting at least you know.. Subway Famous Amos cookie size.

He then tried to explain to me that for the Williams set there’s promotional tea or something (in extremely confusing terms I might add), and I have like 4 choices of tea. Now I’ve only just started drinking tea a while back, and all I’ve drank is Chamomile, so I really have no idea what the rest tastes like even if I’ve heard their names before. But when he mentioned darjeeling, I’m like, hey, you hear that name all the time, I might as well try this one! And then he proceeded to confuse me even more that within my choice of darjeeling, I have 3 choices of darjeeling. Seeing that Jasmine was trying to explain to me while having a bit of confusion on her face as well (since she’s also not familiar with tea), he changed his method of explanation and asked a simple question if I would like something strong or weak. Insert translation: Weak 😀

After keying in all of our orders, he commented that he’s apologetic for not being familiar with English, but he will try his best in communicating with his ojousama and making it as easy as possible. He then spoke in English, “I am not very good in English, but I am not very good in Japanese either myself hahahaha /walks off” ?!?!?!?!?!

Phew /dead on couch.

The teacup he chose for me was … I think it was Wedgewood Rose Gold (ローズ ゴールド), the one with the roses and stuff. Probably because the top I was wearing has a rose print all over it. Jasmine’s one was in a simple clear glass. It then dawned upon me that oh noes, Jasmine has no chance of getting a teacup chosen specially by Narasaki, and she cannot ring her bell to ask for assistance in refilling her tea D: BOOOO.

When Narasaki came back with cutlery, I think he was trying to encourage us to share the pancakes or something again. Regardless, he only set down one set of cutlery for Jasmine. Later on, her Ophelia pancakes came first, which was Wow. A lot. And my cookies came soon, and WTF SO TINYYYYYYY. There was some whipped cream on my plate, and he wanted to tell me what it was. Unfortunately he couldn’t remember what it was called in English, so he just commented out loud that he doesn’t know. Jasmine told him whip cream, and he’s again all “Oh sasuga ojousama~ Whip Cream :D”

After he left, I popped in 3 of the 6 cookies, and told Jasmine to try them cus they were really good. She ate one, and Narasaki came back. All this happened in less than 5 minutes. Narasaki asked us how was our meal so far. Idk why but we had this really guilty look on our faces. The 3 of us all stared at Jasmine’s barely touched pancakes (one bite) for a really long while before we shifted our gazes to my miserable remaining 2 cookies. Insert long awkward silence before Jasmine decided to point at my cookies and said it was delicious while I pointed to Jasmine with some odd accusatory expression that was supposed to convey, “She ate my cookie even though she has a lot of pancakes.” wtf self XD; He laughed.

Leaving us to our own devices again, Jasmine was nice to share with me her pancakes! But since we only have one set of cutlery to share among us, she had to wait while I get myself a piece. With impeccable timing as always (like every other footmen), Narasaki approached to check on us right at the moment I was about to put the piece of pancake in my mouth. I know Jasmine and I gave this deer caught in the headlights face. He let out a small “ah.” before turning away to return with another set of cutlery LOL. As we were laughing while watching him place the new set of cutlery on my side, he basically said along the lines of “Seeee I told you it would be better if you two shareeee. And it’s so nice to see my ojousama being so energetic after having some food.”

People watching time!

Sadly, we didn’t spot any familiar Operatic Troupe faces. I did spot a familiar footman face though, but he served the table next to us during our first visit, so nothing much to talk about him.

During our meal, we watched Narasaki attending to a group of 3 girls in front of us, and as a standard procedure, he has to carry all their bags on one forearm. The girls’ bags were all big shoulder bags, and they looked really heavy D: Jasmine and I were really impressed by his .. strength? Dedication? I turned to Jasmine and said that when he comes to serve us, I feel we should commend him on his previous performance! Jasmine asked me how am I going to convey such a message to him (with my pathetic grasp of the language)

My suggested solution:

“I’ll do a half point at the general direction of the girls, hold my hand out like how he held the bags, and then say ‘Mm. Tsuyoi! Sugoii!! /impressed face+thumbs up'” HAHAHAHAHAHA. My reply from Jasmine was a ‘if you’re going to do that, do it yourself.” I never did.

Narasaki popped in from time to time and made an effort to talk to us D: Omg thank you that’s really nice but omg complicated terminology UUUUUUU ;;;; He asked me how was the darjeeling because somehow he found out (from Jasmine?) that it was my first time drinking it, and once again the simple word “oishii” was lost in my limited vocabulary, and all I could do was give him my thumbs up + satisfied expression. He of course laughed and said that’s good to know, and went on explaining a lot of shit about tea which I don’t knowwwwwwww Narasaki omggggg /whinessssssss.

He explained that they have 3 types of darjeeling as mentioned before, and they are categorised by when were the leaves harvested or something. He mentioned that the one I’m drinking was the lightest variety which was the summer version. Or something. idk. Wiki is not telling me anything lol. After that, he proceeded to inform us that darjeeling is named after a town in India much to our surprise, and each tea is named after the place of their origin or something, followed by a list of places where tea originates from. This is where we had a bit of fun deciphering which countries he was listing, where he mentioned the country in Japanese, and then we would reply with the English version. Insert a “Yay we are understanding each other and progressing with the conversation” expression on all of our faces. In fact I think we do this for almost all the topics we’ve had with him. At this point I really feel like this is some sort of tutor butler LOL.

Another topic we talked was traveling. He asked us if we liked to travel, which we said yes. After telling him we’ve traveled 3 times this year, he asked us where. And then he gave a slight chuckle as he repeated out our answers. “So you went to Japan during January, then you went to Hong Kong…. and then you return to Japan once again.” 8D;

He also asked typical questions like how long have we been here, when will we return, where have we visited, what is our purpose in coming to Japan etc. When he heard that we came here for shopping (LOL you bimbos), he was like “Ah~ Shibuya? Shinjuku? Harajuku?” ehehehe /sheepish smile. He also recommended that we should visit Asakusa, with the temples and all. And Tokyo Sky Tower.

Can I just say that it’s our 3rd time visiting Swallowtail, but we’re still so conscious of the fact that the footmen are like some sort of secret agent hawks that will watch everyone carefully and then swoop down to assist you. My bag drops ohnoesquick grab it before he sees us!!!! Narasaki even hid behind stood by one of the pillars by our cubbyhole to keep an eye on us and the 3 ladies in front.

Before we knew it, the time for our receipt to be placed on the table has arrived oh noesssss. He commented that it’s still early, so feel free to take our time. Since we know that we have at least 15 minutes, we really took our time. Again, he reappeared to pick up the bill, and I was like ohnoes I haven’t take out my credit card yet! /speedily grabs bag, take out wallet, whoosh credit card to him. He was surprised for a moment and laughed again saying wow, ojousama’s speed is amazing oTL

Within our last 15 minutes or so, we tell ourselves, what’s the point of going to Swallowtail not ringing the bell at least once?! I have the handiest excuse: I need someone to refill my teacup! But I was afraid! Why? In our previous trip, I rang the stupid bell for a refill, and a random footman came and poured out one droplet which resulted in an awkward moment NOOOOOO. I was also quite embarrassed since I eat messily ): like you know, crumbs everywhere. But anyways I rang it (after flicking away and hiding any crumbs about on the table and plate), and thank goodness the footman was able to pour a decent cup before the teapot was emptied.

Narasaki chose this moment to come back and clear up the plates. While clearing, he informed Jasmine that our previous footman had praised Jasmine for her good grasp of Japanese (ASAHINA AWWWW). We’re really very surprised, especially since this was really out of the blue. Jasmine was like “really?!” in Japanese, and apparently proceeded to translate in her mind what he said just in case she heard him wrongly. While inner-translating, Narasaki continued with a “Yes! Why in fact I myself think that your Japanese is really good!”. And Jasmine completely missed his comment, and she was like “… Huh?” LOL.

Oh Jasmine.

But omg this means they really have some sort of mini profiling for each of us! I can’t imagine what mine would be. “The girl that follows Jasmine-san. No grasp of Japanese. When she eats, she leaves behind a crime scene.

After that, Narasaki told us he’s interested in learning languages, and asked us if we knew of the language Tagalog and which country did it come from. When we told him Philippines, he was like “Ahh yes, sasuga ojou-sama!” again and told us that he has a friend who is half Japanese half Filipino, and married a Filippino. However, his wife does not know one bit of Japanese, so apparently they communicate solely in Tagalog, which according to him, was a funny sight. And as he proceeded to walk away with our plates, he just commented in this semi wistful manner that ohhh it’s wonderful to know that despite language barriers, love can still connect people living across oceans. Aww, aren’t you the sentimental dude wwwww.

Finally, our butler came to inform us that it’s time to leave. He asked us if we enjoyed ourselves, and of course Jasmine answered him properly while I just give him my biggest smile and encouraging nods. This time I was a good girl to wait for him to part the curtains for me (Narasaki “warned” me beforehand LOL)

And then as we made our way to the exit, “Daniel” was there and he gave us a smile!!!! HAHA WOW. I bet you remember my stupid murder scene of my scone!

When we reached the entrance, butler-san helped us with our coats before Narasaki handed us our bags. As we made our way to the door led by butler-san, Jasmine turned to Narasaki (who has to stay behind) and told him that we had a lot of fun and enjoyed ourselves, and he was very surprised and was all big smiles and thank yous. Back to the door, butler-san told us to be careful since it’s late, please stay warm, don’t get lost etc. and ~itterashaiiiiiiiiiii~

And then we stayed outside to take photos with their signboard LOL.

And we spent the rest of our night karaoke-ing from midnight till 5am.

Okay before that, we went to the Patisserie that’s right next to Swallowtail after our session and purchased tea and jam! I’ve got the Catherine Rose which should be the same as Diana Rose (or at least the easiest to drink according to them), and… シュネーヴァルト.. Idk. Schneewalzer? That’s the closest I can think of haha. I got it because it said that it can help people to “recover” from stress and fatigue etc. If anyone knows what this title is supposed to be, do enlighten me.

I also got this which I’m still judging myself for it LOL.

Swallowtail Drama CD starring their operatic troupe and Morikubo

Swallowtail Drama CD starring their operatic troupe and Morikubo

I haven’t gotten around to listening the CD, but I’m really curious. I know I’ll probably be snorting and giggling most of the time. Will probably do a mini entry about it once I’m done listening.

It comes with photosets of their footmen, chosen at random. My CD came with these boys.

From left to right: Shiina, Aoi, Tamaki

From left to right: Shiina, Aoi, Tamaki

I don’t have any preference for any of these guys yet, so it’s nothing special to me. Btw, look! New troupe members, and some sporting new hair GASP.

Who will be your favourite butler?

(Omg I’m done with this entry ;;)

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  1. Miho
    January 27, 2013 at 10:45 pm (7 years ago)

    Hi! Stumbled upon your blog since I was doing my occasional updates check with regards to Swallowtail. :3

    I enjoyed reading this entry, by the way. Thank you for giving attention to the littlest details of your trip. Oh, and シュネーヴァルト is “Schnee Forest”.

    I’m actually Hispanic-Filipina so I was surprised when you mentioned that your footman told something about the Philippines. xD Anyway, hope to read more of your journeys in Japan.

    P.S. I’m looking forward to buying the Drama CD, as well. I heard the voice samples on their site and I really felt giddy about it.

    • nosauceplease
      January 28, 2013 at 12:19 am (7 years ago)

      Hello! Many thanks for reading my entry! I’m actually very surprised it managed to reach out to readers other than my rl friends XD

      Ahh that makes more sense actually! Since the tea is supposed to aid in having a good night’s sleep, I tried listening to Schneewalzer and it totally doesn’t feel like I’m going to sleep with that LOL.

      I really like visiting Japan, even if all I do is shopping XD I hope that with longer future trips, I can do some sightseeing. Do want to look at Japan during autumn and sakura viewing *A*

      Hope you have fun with Japan, Swallowtail and their fantasy world!

      • Miho
        January 28, 2013 at 4:37 pm (7 years ago)

        There are definitely a lot of things to see in Japan! 🙂 Too many shops and cafes to visit, as well as parks and malls to stroll around.

        Thank you for the wish! ^_^

  2. Ines
    March 19, 2013 at 11:46 pm (7 years ago)

    *o* I love thisss!! You and your friend are so funny hahahah!!! I’ve been reading about Swallowtail and it seems like it’s the best butler cafe >O< I also read about a butler cafe with foreigners as the butlers in Shibuya, try going there next time haha!!! I'd love to read a post about it xd

    I hope I can go there some day hahaha maybe in a couple of years *O* And who knows, maybe when I go I can finally see my little dove, Iori ;-; I love him so much haha

  3. Ishin
    February 11, 2015 at 11:40 pm (5 years ago)

    I just recently learned about this Butler Cafe and I’ve been watching videos in youtube and reading blogs about Swallowtail and OMG I’m in love with Iyori’s smile. He’d be my butler. >:D


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