30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 6

Gasp, I’m actually still doing this? Lol. Don’t expect much of it. I looked at the rest of the topics, and everything’s like…

Maybe I’m just really out of rori. haha XD;

I’m giving up on Day 5 for now, and moving on with Day 6.

Original Meme

Day 6 – 10 things you can’t live without in lolita.

I’m not sure how to interpret this topic, and actually, a lot of them, since most of my answers just sound like very generic Life questions. Rori things that I cannot live without? Or Things I cannot live without if I wear rori? Hahaha…

In no order…

1. A car
I’m serious. When I didn’t have a driving license back then, I cab. My previous house is too inconvenient (well, for me at least) to go anywhere. I had to walk about 50-ish private houses (with everyone staring at me) to go out of the neighbourhood and half a school field before I reach one bus stop, and there’s only one bus that takes me to the nearest train station. All this completely unsheltered. Even if I did survived through all that in rori (which I did, and I’m never doing it again), I hate every experience with the stupid bus and train. Jasmine and I had an encounter with a crazy old hag and her disgustingly stupid fat Pocahontas-wannabe daughter which resulted in me having to physically block the bitches from hitting Jasmine anymore, lots of verbal abuse from them and us breaking into tears once we left the train.

Other than that, I’ll just straight out admit that I’m extremely spoilt. I use my car to travel in comfort, and as a portable storage space for all my stuff.

2. Air-conditioner
I’m quite heat resistant, but it doesn’t mean I enjoy it. I know most people complain about melting makeup, but my biggest problem when I sweat is actually my eczema. I will break into rashes. Terrible scary freaky rashes, and it will take weeks before it goes away. When my eczema was at it worst period, the back of both my legs were filled with bleeding rashes and pus haha. And it just keeps spreading, and they fucking hurt, and it’s not getting any better, I really wanted to cry. Especially when I know that they will scar, but it’s really more of oh fuck they really hurt and the itch and pain’s not stopping at all.

It’s the worst when the fabrics of rori clothes totally invite rashes. If the rori clothes are soft fabrics like cotton, they’re okay. Some come in polyester, some cotton have nylon, uhoh. There are a thousand and one fabrics that do not absorb sweat and stick to you when you sweat. I really hate those. What about the ends of the clothes, the lace? Chemical lace. If not, they just tickle the skin nonstop. The bloody panniers? The tights?! I can go on and on and on.

There was once I got one of those really cute Angelic Pretty socks with gold glittery motifs. I wore them once, I immediately got a huge rash patch right where the gold motif is sigh.

Ahem, so back to the topic. I really want my aircon.

3. Makeup
I will die before I wear rori in public without makeup. In fact, the moment I dress up, I will always put on makeup. I am the kind that can go out makeup-less, hair all tied up, flip flops, T-shirts and shorts to anywhere. Like school. But if I go out and meet friends, I will go full works and dress up.

4. Hair curlers
I hate hair maintenance. Colour, perm, haircut, argh I hate them. I really hate rebonded hair, and I always get upset whenever the hairstylist tells me I have to rebond at least the top part of my hair because when my hair grows out, The rebonded part is so ugly ugly ugly ugly. That and I know I look shitty in straight hair. My hair is very thick, poofy and dry, and I have a looooot of hair.

After my exciting short hair journey, I’m now painstakingly growing it back (with not much success, but I’m still trying haha). I’m hoping to keep it around medium length eventually; long enough to do several hairstyles, or at least tie it up in a high ponytail without a lot of ends coming out.. I’m still trying to figure out haircuts and styles that suit my square faceshape.

But yeah, I need haircurlers. I will always curl my hair back then when I had long hair, and even when I have short hair, I’m still desperately trying to XD I really like the Jose Eber curling rods (I can’t remember if mine was the 13mm or 19mm…) because it’s really easy to use, and the curls don’t look dry. When I had really short hair and couldn’t grab enough to coil it around the rod, I temporarily resorted to using standing curling irons with the big clip to grab it.

Right now, I’m having a lot of fun playing with Tsuyagla Wave, which is really easy to use. The only bad thing about it is that it’s heavy haha. Still needs a little bit more practice though! I wish there is something for curling hair that is as convenient as the Wave..


I wanted to try those curlers you leave in while sleeping, but I’m having a lot of trouble with them. I must be doing something wrong because I’m always getting my hair tangled up painfully, and then I can’t get it out of the roller. And how many of them do I really need?!?!?!?!

I’m hoping to try hot rollers some day.

Ahhhh I wish my hair just grow already ;_; I wanna use curlers with easeeeee…


Huh, strange. There’s nothing else haha. I’ll just… leave it at that then =x

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