I typed this when it was still May 15.

May 15 is my birthday.

My eyes still look so tiny even with all that fake lashes booooooo LOL.

My eyes still look so tiny even with all that fake lashes booooooo LOL.

Happy birthday to myself! LOL. Thanks for all the well wishes and gifts <3 Right now I have completed my studies and waiting for confirmation that I can graduate. Ever since my last exams on the 5th, I have been checking my school’s website to see if they have uploaded the results so that I can check if I am able to graduate. I’m really no good with stats p_q

Results were out on the 14th, and BAM, I got wayyyyyyyy higher than expected, and I. CAN. GRADUATE. YES. YES. YES.


The Street Angels photo thing was quite a funny memory. It was about to rain, we were rushing for our queue to get to the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu concert, when we were stopped for this Street Angels project (those “one photo a day, with someone showing you what’s the date” kind.) The photographer had to rush through his explanation while we kept glancing at our queue (and he at the speedily greying sky) When we agreed to have the shot taken, the photographer ran to his bag to get the documents for us to sign and stuff. At this point, I was wondering if I should request for May 15 since ya, my birthday LOL.

Amazingly, it was his last shot to complete the whole of May, and the last slot belonged to May 15 YAY.『誕生日です!!!!』

Too bad it was really all dark and there was a bit of rain coming down, so we didn’t have any time to decorate the board. I was super troubled when I was handed the marker because decorative writing is really not my forte. I’m surprised the photo didn’t turn out all grey actually LOL. Didn’t look like it was about to rain.

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