January till November 2013

I’ve neglected this blog for sooo longggg.

As you can see, change of WordPress theme woooo~ I still want to make a banner, but I’ll er, figure that out some other day XD;

I’ve also added a picture of myself gasp!! It’s because I’ve finally gained confidence in myself haha never happening gotten a lucky shot of myself with decent sized eyes and a decent face shape LOL. That and the fact I’ve already posted a few rare shots of myself here and there, and I’m like ah, whatever.

Timeline-ish entry, with as much details as I can remember.

Oh and er, my keyboard is faulty. I can’t type “p” XD; it’s all copy and paste. Ahahaha.. oTL ;;;

The first 4 months of January have been quite uneventful. I have been trying my best not to skip lessons (whoops) and scoring as high as possible for my remaining modules (cus my GPA SUCKS!)

I had a huge depressing hair colour adventure. TLDR: I didn’t get the colour I wanted at. all, I wasted money and time, and I’ve just killed whatever decent hair condition I’ve painstakingly gained since I started growing out my hair. I’ve read horror stories of people being so upset with their hair misadventures that they will actually avoid going out in public altogether, and I’ve never once really understood it? Now, I do. I actually avoided attending school for 2 weeks. I attended class after I’ve managed to wash out a decent chunk of the colour, and only because it was a test week so I had no choice. As soon as I’ve washed out most of the colour, I immediately went over it with a dark brown box dye. Since it was really dark, it managed to cover the previous dye job decently, and I could once again go out in public lol. But of course the box dye destroyed my hair condition even more, and I wept lol. Finally, I decided to go to a hair salon to do something, but as everyone with bleached hair should know, colouring hair is one big nightmare. Not only I’ve got to match the stuipid roots to the stupid bleached parts, the hairdressers now have more issues to deal with (uneven bleach + different colours + uneven colouring) Till today, I’m still dealing with it. Every time I dye my hair brown, patches decide to turn into a different colour lol.

Okay now that’s out of the way…

On the 10th of May, Jasmine and I attended a Kyary concert with a colleague of hers. Not a huge fan of Kyary (we were actually “suffering” more from a.. concert-withdrawal syndrome of sorts), so we were okay with just getting the general admission tickets.

Free standing, but the numbers ensures that we will be the first group to enter the venue.

Free standing, but the numbers ensures that we will be the first group to enter the venue.

Luckily, the view was pretty good. The ones who were at the VIP section were all fighting to squeeze to the front, so there was this huge gap between them and us who were right at the front of the general admission fence. The only downside was that there were families who bought the VIP tickets and went to the back of the area so that they could place their kids on stools. In the end you just sort of have to watch between the kids heads. Oh, Jasmine and I also decided to wear rori for the concert, because if we don’t, I don’t think there’s any other chance to LOL XD;

Me? Wearing this? I've come a looooong way.

Me? Wearing this? I’ve come a looooong way.

The concert was actually pretty fun to rahrah along. The songs were really catchy and easy to singalong. Kyary’s songs are unfortunately, not something that will be permanently in my playlist because there’s no way I’m listening to these songs when I’m moody (it makes me even grumpier)

Mementos! Concert towel (which I've been using to wrap my head when I go to sleep whoops) and a complimentary poster.

Mementos! Concert towel (which I’ve been using to wrap my head when I go to sleep whoops) and a complimentary poster.

And then of course after that right before the day of my birthday, I finally got the piece of news I’ve always wanted to hear. I finally graduate YESSSSSS.

I’ve also somewhere around this period, I caved in and went to check out RMK’s base makeup. I’ve actually been noticing it while flipping through Popteen, and several of the models have listed RMK’s liquid foundation to be in their makeup bag. I purchased the pressed powder and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. And on my birthday, Jasmine bought me the liquid foundation which was the one I wanted more actually and UUUUUUUU I LOVE IT JUST AS MUCH AS I LOVE THE POWDER THANK YOU /STRUTS ABOUT WITH (slightly more) FLAWLESS SKIN. I don’t think I’ll ever move on to any other pressed powders and foundation LOL. (Concealors and BB cream are another thing altogether. Forever searching for the perfect one /wistful sigh)

Let me also mention that I’ve finally downsized my makeup pouch omg sooo proud of myselffffff /pat pat.




Jasmine and I got really lucky this time, I think we might have used up all our concert luck for this. As Jasmine had school, we couldn’t exactly queue up early to chope seats. The concert starts at 7pm. Free standing. Free concert. Woooooooo The End.

As expected, there were people who have been queuing since like what, 6am wtf sob. We could only reach there around 6:30pm HAHAHA. I shamelessly asked a friend (who has been there since 3pm-ish?) if I could join her, and she said yes. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find her when we arrived at the venue. Btw, when we were there, the venue’s sooo tiny! Including the stage, the area is already 3/4 full! If the site claims they could fit in idk how many 1000+ people, they were obviously including the “streets” by the sides which were facing the entrances of all the pubs.

So we decided to just.. walk around. See if there’s any lucky spot here and there. We were walking along the edge of the crowd towards the stage, when suddenly Jasmine met an old classmate of hers who allowed us to stand beside her. So from the back, we moved up to the 3-5th row WHOA HAHAHA. At first it was at the extreme end, but as each segment finishes, more and more people tried to squeeze in from the sides, and so we got pushed towards the middle up front more and more Yeeeeeey not complaining at all LOL. It was really hot and uncomfortable, but yaaaaaay not complaining. Full view of Shinji who was absolutely adorable (and tripped whoops LOL) We were actually verrrry close that it was possible to make general eye contact with them and receive their “blessings of holy water” LOL. Instinctively, I ducked (IDK SHOULD I OR SHOULD I HAVE NOT?!), but the people around me were like omgggggggg salvation gyaaaaaaaa /embraces it whole.

"DO YOU LIKE.... Sid? ;D /tugs at shirt to gesture at self" Crowd: ASJKHLAKSJHDAS YESSSSSSSSSSSS

“DO YOU LIKE…. Sid? ;D /tugs at shirt to gesture at self”

22nd May, I attended Asia Style Collection with Jasmine, Ivory and Feli! We only have one thing in mind: Fuji Lena. Korean artistes? Simi korean artistes. Shoo shoo! The tickets burnt a huge hole in our pockets, and frankly I still don’t know if it was worth it considering there was barely any focus of the fashion walkway. I’m glad to see that the local artistes and designers placed so much effort in their own segment and were given the adequate attention, but I was quite upset that the whole show was betting on the korean artistes for sales or something. Not to sound really pretentious or what (I don’t think I’m some fashionista okay), but fashion runway right? FOCUS ON THE RUNWAY THEN. The audience there like all wrong can? And I think it was really rude that majority of the audience really didn’t give a fuck when artistes other than their favourite were performing. Excuse me you are right at the front, and you have the nerve to check your bloody phone when they were singing right in your face? Rude much? Good job on holding back the whole show because you all don’t know how to follow the rules and stay at your bloody seats too.

Rola was amazing on stage too. Just.. doing her own Rola thing there LOL. And omg it wasn’t advertised, but omgomgomg Mizukitttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

L to R: Mizukitty, Tsubasa, Lena, Rola

L to R: Mizukitty, Tsubasa, Lena, Rola

I also shouted at Zoe Tay, and I got a wave from her HAHAHA. Jasmine thankfully got this shot for me XD


Not enough Lena.

Not enough Lena.

6th July, I went to Cosfest for the first time in… omg.. years. Hahaha. So many things have changed. Coscards whoa. I also feel that everyone’s costumes also leveled up! It’s certainly a lot easier to get better wigs now, so I think that helps. Also, what originally was supposed to be me helping a friend queue up for photobooks of popular cosplayer, Reika, ended up me getting one of her photobooks too LOL. And a signature too haha. No pictures together, but meh who needs my face HAHA. Ivory and I were also amazingly graced by her fleeting (short, literarlly) presence when she walked passed our nua-ing spot, paused right in front of us to look at her friends who were trailing behind her, and moved on.

7th July, Jasmine and I went to watch VAMPS concert!!! Live viewing LOL.


Hyde was really amazing on stage. So much energy wtf. I don’t know how does he not get a sore throat too. His jokes were really hilarious, and I really really appreciate that even though it wasn’t necessary, he addressed the Live Viewing audience and even gave the live viewing camera service shots.

"Hello! (checks notes) 你好!(check) 안녕하세요! ....(check) Sawadikaaa~ ... (checks again) Bonjour~"

“Hello! (checks notes) 你好!(check) 안녕하세요! ….(check) Sawadikaaa~ … (checks again) Bonjour~”

And then on the 12th, I officially graduate 😀


My fringe and that mortar. Mortal enemies.

My fringe and that mortar. Mortal enemies.

Actually it was a verrry hectic day, because right after that, I was supposed to be at the airport to catch a 7pm flight to Hong Kong. The ceremony is stated to end at 5 HAHAHA OH TIAN WHAT WAS I THINKING. Alas, Dollism awaits Steph, Jasmine and I \o/

My plan was to actually go shake hands, get my cert or whatever, drag my friends out of the hall to take a group shot, and run away in the middle of the entire ceremony. But of course, fate decides to be a pain in the ass. I’m last of my entire Communications cohort to go, so I sat through the entire stupid graduation ceremony.



Slight emo moment here, where I lament about how my mother complained that I look ugly lol. No thanks to her, there’s no souvenir of the entire ceremoney at all too. No photos no videos. I even bought a camera which will be easy for her to use but noooooo. Video also like machiam sit roller coaster. The official photo where I shake hands also look like shit I stuffed it somewhere and refused to look for it.

My group of friends who helped kept me sane, and made my uni life enjoyable.

My group of friends who helped kept me sane, and made my uni life enjoyable.


Even when we arrived in Hong Kong, it was super rushy. No time to really relax! BUT WE SHALL BRAVE THROUGH DOLLISM CHIONG AHHHHHHHHH.

And so, doll loot 😀 /shot

2 days loot. Excluding the doll but including the dress and shoes on her.

2 days loot. Excluding the doll but including the dress and shoes on her.

Our loot combined. Terriburrrr!!!!!

Our loot combined. Terriburrrr!!!!!

I really should post more photos of the event itself (and our loveeeely hotel room), but I’m too lazy! But look! Have a photo of our marvelous queue number thanks to our early queuing!



And then we flew back, exhausted LOL. Can you tell I’m already tired of writing this entry?!

I also watched the Addams’ Family musical with Shu, Ivory and Steph! Super childhood moment here!! I really need to get glasses for my astigmatism soon because when the spotlight’s on Fester, I see 3 heads instead of one lol.


Shame that the CD isn’t the same cast as the one in Singapore!

24th August, Natsu Matsuri! Hot like anything, but yay finally joined the bon odori!



And then surprise! Jasmine and I went on a last minute Taipei trip 25-30th September. And we love Taipei so much. Omg everything opens so late!!!! Can sleep in!! Food everywhere! CAN SLEEP IN. And everyone’s so friendly here THANK YOU EVERYONE. AND SHOPPING LUUUUURRRVEEEEE.





What’s better than watching it?! Watching it several times more!!





FOR... cheapass looking STICKERS!

FOR… cheapass looking STICKERS!

And then I fell sick (like really sick) right on the week of Singapore Doll Carnival. Wonderful. =A=

I helped out in making the booth. Not everything was done, but hey~ I think it turned out pretty good <3 A lot more could be improved on of course, but that will be for next time (NEXT TIME? HAHAHA oTL) Anemone at SGDC 2013

I’m quite amused that a lot of people felt this need to rub their finger on the flooring, I guess to check if it’s really marble or something hahaha. Well guess what people! It’s just paper! XD

pimpppppppp!!!! Click on image above to go to Jasmine’s flickr for more images! And here for Anemone’s facebook page! The pretty white dress sets and the jewelry all handmade by her!

And because I’m bias, pimpppppppp!

Shingeki no BJD/Attack on BJD display!

Click on above image for Ivory’s photos of her booth (and check out that kickass 3D Maneuver Gear she made for her boy), and here for her dolls’ facebook page!

Big round of applause here for the two of them, who slaved away making stuff for their booths during busy submission periods no less! And hoping that the event will continue!! \o/

Finally, pimpppppppping the table I made LOL.

Display table

I failed to mention this, but my phone has been dying. The Home button is like.. 50/50 chance working or not, and the side button for the – volume died too. Also, the phone likes to suka suka lower the volume whenever it pleases, which is a pain for me if I want to you know, listen to someone talk over the phone, or listen to music.

And soooo…



Omg everything is working in perfect condition and more I’m not used to it HAHAHA.

And then 22nd November, Ivory and I attended ONE OK ROCK’s concert.


It was a lot more fun than I expected for sure, but I think the moshpitters ruined it for a lot of us in the beginning. Thank heavens they were pushed to the back eventually. I cannot tahan any more people around me having to go first aid. I think that even if you want to do some ~violent~ dancing or whatever you think it’s fitting for a rock concert, you still need to be considerate of the people around you.

I also made the conclusion that the best way to make friends during a concert is to bring a fan and just fan around in general lol. I’m probably like some Mother Teresa then /SHOT

And omg I’m actually DONE. /DIES.

This year, I have 2 new additions to my doll family, and one doll who finally came back from faceup =D I have an extremely cute Kanon who arrived on the 24th January, and I admit that I used to think of Kanon as really ugly. Perhaps I only saw ugly doll owner photos in the past, because when Jasmine showed me photos of Kanon, I got really attracted to her XD;

27th March was when my Abadon finally came back from a faceup he really needed LOL. Handsome boy boy I love you, but you look so old but I love you still HAHAHA.

And end of May, I got a Sakamoto Ryoma BABEH.

I’m glad the number of doll meets among the Sparklies are increasing! But the rori meets disappeared LOL OH NOES HOW.

Jasmine also encouraged me and helped me a lot, and finally I got a photo of each of my current dolls (minus Nao who has no faceup) I now know whenever I hear people go “I didn’t do much”, what it really means is “I didn’t do much for this because all the preparation and experience needed, I’ve done them all long ago and built upon them yada yada yada” because when I see her lift the camera and take a shot, and then I take over the camera and take a similar shot, it comes out like shit next to hers. Alas, Jasmine would have none of it, and was very patient in guiding me.

SO. No excuse! Next up, I better do up the doll profiles!!

AND I’M VERY VERY VERY VERY TIRED NOW. I’m so sorry everything is so short, I will write more when I have the opportunity!!

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