Doll Family

End of 2013 is coming, and what better way to waste an entire day than to create avatars for your entire doll family?! /shot

All dolls shadow

Who’s that Pokemon?!

My current active dolls!

Current Doll Family

From L to R:
Tatsuma, Hisui, Yoame, Seibi, Yuuya, Erika, Kanon, Hiroshi

Everyone there except Yuuya and Erika are subject to name changes. Well, excluding Kanon. She needs a name LOL.

My future (and hopefully almost final) doll plans:

Okay, actually, the one on the extreme right is my Nill. I just need to give her a good faceup and all.

The one in the middle is my first goal when entering the BJD hobby, and that is to get a MSD boy. For stupid reasons, I was led to believe that MSDs are not a wise choice to get, so I’ve always avoided looking at them. But now that I’ve seen things for myself, I decided that it’s time I go get that damn MSD I’ve always wanted. Even though I pretty much know what his personality and looks will be, I have not decided if I want an open or close eye kid. I am considering a Bluefairy Tommy, but I’m still looking around for alternatives.

Extreme left is the final big girl I want. I’ve even figured out all her name and stuff LOL. All I need is the correct head.

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