2014 It never gets old

I refer to this article on how to detect a liar.

It’s really nothing much, but yes, I’m still very bitter about what happened.

The article has two points I wanna point out. The first point is self-explanatory: Avoiding eye contact does not equate to lying. YOU HEAR THAT!

The second point is, of course, “people tend to look at people or things that they like and avoid eye contact with people and things they don’t like.” Lol ya. That’s my dislike for you growing with each second during that interrogation.

The original problem was really a small thing. My intention was to not do anything about it, or if it gets worse, deal with it in a civilised manner after the big event where we all have to work together. I can be quite the coward you know, but you wouldn’t believe it since you know, I’m like the total opposite of girly lulz. Confrontations are not really my thing unless it involves my friends. Unfortunately, this issue got leaked to you, and you being the oh so great person you are, decided to take things into your own hands the day before the big event.

I don’t even care about the other party anymore at this point. They say they never did it, okay fine whatever. What disappointed me the most is you you you you you you you you you you YOU.

Seriously, what was your intention in doing that stupid stint back at Starbucks? To soothe things over? To make peace with everyone? To serve ~Justice~? Whatever it was, you did none of that, and you only served to make things worse. I can’t even bring myself to feint ignorance in front of them because of you.

It wasn’t even a “Let’s try to pretend none of this happened” kind of ending. What you did was essentially labeling me a liar, and giving them all the assurance they need that you believed in them. Even if you wanted to believe that it never happened, I think there are better ways to deal with it instead of saying it right to our faces that, I quote you, “don’t worry, I believe you”, and then to me, it’s “innocent until proven guilty” and “I know how to tell someone is lying. Blehbleh eye contact.” If this is not labeling me a liar, what is it then?

REALLY?! EYE CONTACT?! AREN’T THERE BETTER CUES YOU CAN STATE AS AN EXAMPLE IF I’M REALLY LYING? What other cues your stupid book taught you, huh?! Quivering/soft voices also means lying right?! WAAAAAH your liar radar must have been pinging like mad because I was so emotionally tired, my voice went low and shaking!

If this is not enough to prove that you have already branded me a liar, I have another thing to point out. Why is it that when you decided to bring us down for a confrontation, you informed them beforehand about the situation. You remember what you did to me? You called me down for a Surprise Talk. You asked around to dig dirt about me. Isn’t this already treating me as a liar from the very start? If you wanted to be fair and impartial, either we all get prepped beforehand, or you land the big surprise on us. I have no proof that they did it, they also don’t have proof that they didn’t do it.

I am also under the impression that when I remained silent during the later half of the showdown, it strengthened your belief that I was lying. I’m actually just too tired and upset to answer to your whatever theories. Whatever I say was easily defeated by their tears and “I didn’t do it. Believe meeeeeeeeee!”

I can cry too. I guess my eyes aren’t big and doe-like enough for you. I can’t remember if I cried back then, but if I did, it’s tears of betrayal and frustration. At you. Not them. They don’t matter at this point.

Humans are bias, but you don’t need to show that to me so blatantly. You claim to be the ideal good superior, you’re obviously not if you are so open with your preferential treatment. I’ve worked for you longer than the other party and have been invested in helping to tend to your business, but it obviously doesn’t matter since you trust them more. This isn’t the main reason why I’m so pissed off with you in regards to this drama, but it sure is one of the many reasons why I can’t stand you.

And what’s your excuse in the end? “I can’t please everyone.”

I don’t know what you have heard of me from the person who leaked the story out, and frankly I don’t want to know. I don’t think you’ll ever read this, but I’m guessing what you’ll say is that I’m ungrateful to you and a sad child or something lol. #okcan

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