2014 anemone @ SGDC (display booth centric)


SGDC 2014 is over!

Like last year, Jasmine decided to have a booth for her brand anemone, and I signed up to help out and make the display.

And like last year, I fell really sick the week before SGDC. So annoying.

Last year the theme of the booth was the inside of anemone shop, so we joked that next year we will do a display of the front of the shop. Har har har.

And we really did it wtf LOL.

It was a mish mash of various ideas that led to this. We came up with all sorts of ridiculous themes for the booth that should ideally match with the clothes Jasmine wanted to design. We know what is the rough feeling we wanted for the booth, but no concrete ideas. She’s always loved shabby chic, I like the look of Parisian streets, so this idea of doing the shop front (and part of the street around it) was generally well received by the two of us.

Well received meaning that we had very intense arguments over it still. I know this isn’t important to mention, but I really want to put this out there because I don’t really buy that whole “BFFs never quarrel” rubbish, and I want to prove that friends can disagree with each other completely, fight it out, talk things through, and still be best friends for years. There’s a lot of compromising going on. We have very different perception when it comes to proportions so we always don’t see eye to eye about this. Our working style and concerns are also complete opposites until we started arguing not just about the booth, but about each other; I get all agitated whenever she makes a change, while she gets demoralised every time I burst into negativity.

The only thing that’s consistent is that we want it to be like a “snapshot” of real life for our dolls. That and we really wanted to do this.

I’m easily overwhelmed and frequently go into Give Up mode. Thankfully, Jasmine’s always around to deal with my whining and “How ah D: How ah D: How ah D:” before guiding me back to focus on work. This is really tiring especially since she’s got her clothes to deal with. I also know shit about design and printing, so Jasmine had to make all the printable and stencils.

Technically, I made the booth display, but credit goes to Jasmine for being the one who conceptualized and designed the booth. A strong concept and design makes it a lot easier to work and move on from there. We then further discussed and worked on the final layout as the days go by. We referenced a looooooot of photos of streets in Paris until I’m a bit sick of staring at them for now.

During this whole thing, I’ve finally learnt how to cut in a straight line HURRAH.

I slacked a lot in the end, so if you remove all the slacking days, it took me about a week-ish (/checks timestamps) to finish up the booth. It’s not the best thing in the world, but I’m very proud of it. Every time I start to feel a bit upset about the booth, I tell myself “Whatever fuck it. I don’t care if people think they can do it better. Did you make it? No you didn’t.”

The final final draft of the booth was done up on November 3rd lol. That’s a lot earlier than last year!

Drawn in 1:5 scale!

Drawn in 1:5 scale!

Here be random progress photos!

Main structure and paneling strips.

Main structure and paneling strips.

Yes it’s all made out of foam boards. The kind with a layer of paper over the foam. Budget, budget. But I conclude that there are some things that can’t beat the look of wood.

Working on the panels

Working on the panels

The dog decided to get in my way lol.


These are my attempts in painting the foam boards.


I have not painted anything since 7 years ago during art class, and my knowledge of paints in general is non-existent. Stuff about keeping the brush wet or the paint wet or whatever dry painting technique is all lost on me. So I… layer. And layer. It worked okay, except the pavement which became a little too good LOL. Not good cus you know, pavement’s supposed to be all… uneven and stuff XD



You will also notice that I crudely stuck back one of the windows of the cafe back onto the structure. That’s because I made a mistake and wasn’t supposed to cut it because it’s going to be the menu opps.

Display box

Display box

Isn’t the wallpaper lovely <3 I figured we could make this a separate piece since we need to put stuff inside haha. All made out of foam and packing tape. Note: I'm terrible with the whole intricate art of combining things with various types of glue, nails, whatever joints etc. I give up. Packing tape and double-sided tape have become my most trusted allies. And superglue for the really heavy stuff (used only once haha) [caption id="attachment_529" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Back of structure Back of structure[/caption]

The full thing sans display box, door and one wall (to hold up the shop structure.) I nailed the thin end of the anemone shop structure to wood because it was getting very flimsy and threatening to tear (it tore in the end before I could fix it to the wood, but oh well). I also cut and stuck the damn acrylic sheet to the shop structure. As you can see I gave up cutting a perfect line at the top of the sheet (the damn thing won’t break I was bouncing on it already kjahfkjslhfjkslh) and just stuck it anyways lol.

Making the signboard

Making the signboard

We wanted a tilted signboard since Jasmine pointed out that shops have a tilted signboard so that people could see it clearly from below. This logic doesn’t apply here since us humans can see the sign at eye level during the event, but ah shush we want this anyways.


Making of the cafe table. On hindsight I should have used a thicker pole since the nail was about to break through the wood, making it all wobbly and slanted if pushed. Yes, the table is not sturdy at all I know. During the event, the doll and table are both helping each other to balance. Once painted black, it took on a really nice look though. It’s got that heavvvvy scratchy metal look you see on a lot of outdoor furniture. And in the second photo, you can see that I bought coasters, to do this:



I want to point out that from here onwards, it’s already Friday. That’s 2 days away from SGDC whoops.

"Curtains" and menu

“Curtains” and menu

We figured that it will look unsightly if people see through the windows and see us behind, so we made a simple roman-something shade to cover up most of it lol. Doesn’t look obvious in the photo since it’s a similar shade to my floor and walls haha. Also, here is where I got Jasmine’s help in the menu. According to her, she wanted a specific shade of green-black or something for the chalkboard. Then she designed this to look as similar as possible to an actual cafe menu.

And all I wanted was some crude black rectangle with a handwritten menu! But it really made the whole thing look so much more impressive!!

In this photo you can see two of our cheap thrills. See, when we decided on having a cafe at the side of the booth, we were thinking what could we name it since every shop needs a shop name or something. We could have left it as a generic “Cafe” cafe, but then we were like “HEY it’s a street right, let’s call it 4th Avenue Cafe 8D” in reference to our favourite band, L’arc~en~Ciel. And the song that got me really high during this year’s live in Japan (because he opened it with that song after the intermission and he was right in front of us kjfhalkjhskjdkjnaksd-)

The second cheap thrill is just for me actually lol. I don’t think it needs any explanation.


Cafe structure complete! (almost)

Cafe structure complete! (almost)

All that’s left is the stencil on the cafe window. And the street sign.

The cafe is a flat piece of foam board scored so that it can bend. And it stood really well too! … Until someone knocked it over LOL. As Snowfern puts it, “the most exciting thing that happened throughout the event.” Publicity stunt there okay, no joke haha.

Hanging sign and street sign

Hanging sign and street sign


Hanging sign. The good thing is that after painting the sides, it sort of looks like wood. Or corkboard haha.

Yes my nails were really long then. They were in the way, but I didn’t want to cut them so soon because I know they will be stained/damaged during the whole thing, so I wanted them to be all damaged at the tips, theeeeen I’ll cut them away. Last year I cut them first, so I went to the event with black shit stuck at the insides of my nails disgusting max.


These were made with clay and a mould from Jasmine. I really don’t know anything about this part ahahaha. I just.. paint and stuck them on XD

On Saturday, I was too busy rushing all the last minute things to take any pictures haha. All I can say is I queued for 2 hours at the printing shops because I have to fight with all the other LASALLE students and SOTA or something who were printing wads of paper for their final year assignments lol. And so I spent 2 hours playing Tsum tsum…

I then rushed to finish up the stenciling of the all important anemone sign and the Cafe window, and the mini sign. Not to mention all the little knick knacks… (I made a lot of mistakes here, I’m sorryyyyyy ;;; )

And then rushhhhh to the event space ahaha.

Pictures that I haphazardly took during the event!




Jasmine positioning the dolls

Jasmine positioning the dolls

The funny thing was that the event starts at 12pm. We arrived at the carpark at 12 sharp XD And then we got lost for a really long time finding the venue cus we took the wrong lift.


Here be the hanging sign! I didn’t even notice it was slanted LOL.


And then the little door printables which sent a lot of girls giggling. For the record, Jasmine was very pleased with her little flyers stuck on the door window, similar to how shops stick them there too. For me, I was pleased with the little VISA Mastercard stickers lol. The OPEN sign also has a CLOSE sign at the back of it.

SECRET SIGNS which we L'ove!

SECRET SIGNS which we L’ove!

There was a girl who approached us and asked us if we were Rurouni Kenshin fans. Yes, but no that’s not our secret sign here XD But we had a fun chat later on, where she mentioned that our cheap thrill is apparently very obvious, and perhaps people were too shy to say anything.

Jasmine's No. 1 couple: Rie and Kazama

Jasmine’s No. 1 couple: Rie and Kazama

Detail shot of inside of the display box, and Jasmine’s impressive handsewn dress for Rie. I hope she makes more because I want one lol. (Make hor prs.)

I think they had a fight over a sandwich.

I think they had a fight over a sandwich.

Here be my couple who apparently quarreled over a sandwich. I’m not good at posing my dolls (or styling them, actually), and Hisui was on the kicky first SD17 body, so he’s got the gayest knees. He also has the grumpiest face, but I love you anyway boyboy don’t grumpy here have another sandwichhhhhh.

During the event, he wobbled and nearly fell once, so I had to reposition him. But it seemed that now both are throwing a tantrum and ignoring each other.


I witnessed someone trying to take a photo of Hisui. For some reason they weren’t satisfied with a side shot, and insisted on taking a photo of Hisui point blank. So they basically did an up nose shot which just made Grumpy Hisui become Livid Hisui LOL. I also witnessed someone taking a photo with Hisui and styling their hair to look like Hisui’s ahahaha. The funniest was when a group of girls were creating their own story for our dolls.

Further notes:

– It’s not difficult to transport it. Transporting the booth was tons easier compared to last year’s. Nothing was dying on us at least (aside from one ledge opps.) Of course, I have a car, so I guess compared to that, we already have an advantage over a lot of people lol.


– The door knob is actually a handle for cabinets and drawers. Cool eh?

– Last year, many felt the need to touch our floor to check if it’s really marble (it’s not.) This year, people still felt the need to touch both the “road” and pavement idk why 8D; Some even touched the dolls’ hair and clothes and the miniatures and the fuccccking table omg don’t touch ittttt. Maybe a Do Not Touch sign is in order..

I am not doing an event report since I didn’t actually participate in the event; I sort of just got caught up setting up the booth and then dying on the spot till the event’s over. I couldn’t fully immerse myself in the event because I was too tired. I was supposed to take pictures, but I didn’t even take much photos of anemone when it’s all set up..

But I would like to take the opportunity to pimp Clockwork Forest‘s booth! Last year’s display was done by Ivory, this year was done by Shu! Great job, Shu!!

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland display by Shu of Clockwork Forest

Steampunk Alice in Wonderland display by Shu of Clockwork Forest

I would like to thank everyone who came to talk to us, complimented on our booth, and voted for us in the best display booth competition. I’m glad that I could do this again with Jasmine and that we survived and pulled through. I really think we pushed ourselves way past our comfort zone and challenged ourselves respectively in the display and clothes making department. Which is why I’m really glad to hear people complimenting the booth and asking if the clothes are for sale (they are!!! They will be!!!)

Jasmine and I were not gunning for best display. Like last year, we just wanted to do what we want. And when we do what we want, we want to do it the best we could. Winning the competition is a bonus. But since we worked really hard on our whole display, we do hope that we would win the competition as some sort of proof that our efforts paid off.

When it was time for the organisers to announce the lucky draw and competition results, I had to stay back and watch over the booth. I was also lazy to walk over since I could hear everything clearly at the other end of the event space.

First, they announced the winner for the photography competition. I can’t remember what was the prize, but it was a physical prize. Congratulations to Amanda Yeo!

Next, they announced the results for the best booth display. Before they announced the winner, they decided to announce the prize, which is a, wow get this, free booth for SGDC 2015 gasssssssp.

They then announced the winner which is YAY US! And I went up in front to witness Jasmine receiving the prize for anemone WOOHOO!!! Couldn’t take a picture DAMN.

We were elated that we won (Of course we would be! Majority recognized our efforts!), but I think the shock of the prize just overrode the whole yay feeling haha. We weren’t expecting a prize since the site didn’t update about any prize unlike last year, so..

Well I can safely say that Jasmine and I would prefer it that they just announce the winner instead of receiving this voucher. When we went back, our friends and us had a good laugh joking about seeing us in 2015.

Insert your own caption.

Insert your own caption.

I’ll say this too: I don’t think it’s a wise choice to spell it out so clearly with all your little actions that this is what you think of your booth owners. No booth owners, no attendees.

Next were prizes for the lucky draw – now wait a minute you guys seem to have a lot of prizes just for the attendees!!!

But 老天有眼啊!!!! For one of our tickets actually scored us a wig from Lullaby Poem!! YEAAAAAH. We got a YoSd wig! Okay so actually we got 2 extra tickets because we have 2 non-BJD owners who came down to support us (and open their eyes to the world of BJDs lol), so they gave the tickets to us and ordered us to “better win some LIMBS okay!” Guess what! One of your ticket scored us hair! That works for body parts eh?!

We got Jasmine to go up cus it looked funny to go get a prize for the second time XD When we came back, many were patting us on the back saying that this is worth it, and it can be our unofficial prize for Best Booth display.

Later on, they announced that they have a brand new Switch SOSEO head up for lucky draw. The whole crowd was like whoaaaaaaaa switch lehhhh and everyone clutched onto their tickets. I stared at our remaining 3 tickets: 0008, 0024, and 0188.

“And the lucky winner is. 0. 0. 2. 4!”

And I screamed. Like really screamed. Jasmine didn’t even know that we won until I pushed her forward and we ran towards the announcer, laughing our heads off since she’s gotta go up collect a prize for the third time XD I heard people congratulating, saying “Very lucky!!!” and stuff XD Now this can be our prize for Best Booth display ahahhaha.



End of event! Gotta use our Open/Close sign yes yes? 8)

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And that’s all for the post! Thanks again to everyone who visited and voted for us! And of course to those who bought our stuff woo!!! Will you see us in 2015? Hurhur we’ll see.

Rie: With my friend who came to visit! She's also wearing our latest collection's dress ^_−☆ we are twinning today♪

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