2015 Keratin Hair Treatment

First post of the year. What better way to start it than a life changing experience for me!

Last year, I was told by my hairstylist that if I’m so bothered by my unruly hair, I could try out their latest Keratin hair treatment which will promise me extra shiny and manageable hair. I’m usually very lazy when it comes to maintaining my hair, and I was really skeptical about it. I imagined that it’s either going to be a regular hair treatment which won’t last after one wash, or it’s going to be as lifeless as rebonded hair. And then later when it grows out it will look super stupid, like frizzzzzz-limp hair. I was assured repeatedly that it won’t end up like either, and they say first timers get a discount. Okay can, let’s book my next appointment /kaching.

Without further ado, here be pictures.




This is how I usually look like after I blowdry my hair. No it’s not one of those ‘never comb hair and just point the hairdryer in every direction to get it done and over with’ blowdrying. It’s the super sian ‘section hair in layers, point hairdryer downwards while brushing’ kind.

I obviously don’t like my hair because it’s really quite unmanageable. Then because it’s so frizzy, it looks so dry and un-shiny and sad. You can see that it also likes to point and go wavy in all sorts of directions. And that volume. I mean I love hair with volume, but it shouldn’t look like a rat’s nest. The only time I appreciate it is when I tie it up in a bun cus it’s easier, and even then it looks so nest-like, I can’t bring myself to appreciate my handiwork. It’s also troublesome to tie my hair because it’s too thick for small hairties, and yet it’s actually all air inside so scrunchies fall off easily /annoyed.

This is how my lion mane turns out with the use of a straightening tool.

Slightly better, but oh look, I'm late for the meeting.

Slightly better, but oh look, I’m late for the meeting.

Before I had the hair iron, I relied heavily on a straightening brush because you can really see the huge difference straightening does to my hair. Unfortunately using it is very time-consuming, so the outcome of my hair depends on how much time I can spare. So here’s a comparison of me using the brush for about 5 minutes, and then the same photo where I just fast forward and ironed it.

Unruly hair 3

So if we take into consideration the time it takes for me to blowdry my hair properly and then using the straightening brush, we’re talking about nearly half an hour just for my hair to look semi-tame, 20 if we use the hair iron. And it still doesn’t have that shine. And I still have odd kinks. The ends of the hair look all dry and split. The ponytail and fringe look a looot better though. And then half hour later outdoors it will slowly but surely frizz back.

I also tried air drying my hair, but it ended up looking more horrendous than in the first picture.

I’m willing to try anything to make my hair more manageable. I don’t even need it to be shiny and soft and all advertisement worthy. I just want to be able to run a comb through my hair without breaking the teeth and handle /true story.

And here are the final results!




While taking the photo of the ponytail, I grabbed my hair in an odd manner and pushed up a few locks haha. But WHATEVER? I LOVE IT? This is my hair?! I couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear in the salon lor! The hairstylists were all laughing at me already. “Ah good la. Finally found something you really want to do right? The hair finally easy to manage liao.”





Supposedly the treatment lasts for 4 months? Of course depending on your lifestyle and how often you wash. It’s May now, and my hair is finally getting back some of it’s annoying habits. But it definitely still looks loads nicer than whatever it was originally lol. The ends are getting a little stubborn and dry, but the overall mane is still maintaining a really lovely shine.

I’m definitely going for another round of Keratin hehehe.

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