30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 1

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Am quite stumped by Day 1. It’s so hard. I realised there really isn’t much for me to write about my “lolita bubble”. Hopefully I do better in other days.

Day 1 – 10 things about your lolita bubble.

1. My closest circle of friends are also my rori friends.

Jasmine and I are the newest addition to the group. I met Jasmine from a cosplay group, and then we both discovered we like the fashion. We then met the rest of the SparklyBits in a local lolita shop called Black Alice. They’re also the ones who introduced dolls to us.

I think it’s really funny how we’re all so different (background, age, preferences etc.) and yet similar in random ways. It took a while for all of us to warm up to each other, but I think by how every one is able to connect to each other despite differences, this friendship is something that will last for a really long time.

2. I am primarily a classic rori.

Or essentially, I’m not a gothic/sweet rori. Therefore I’m chucked into the style where it’s all chapalang.

But sekretly I love themed rori. I’ve always liked the idea of doing a certain “look” each time I plan a coordinate, and if I really had my way, most of it will end up looking very tacky /cheesy grin

I also have a soft spot for the aristocrat style, but I don’t really have the face for it.

I have the most boring coordinates among my group of friends, and you’ll probably remember me by the same few old pieces of clothing worn to death LOL. I’ll have to say that I really love the same bunch of items I keep wearing, although lately I’m finally starting to explore a liiittle bit more with other styles.

My favourite brand used to be Victorian Maiden and Atelier Boz, with the occasional interest in Mary Magdalene, Innocent World (their have these blouses with low high neck collars which are to die for, and they had such lovely lovely a-line skirts..) and Alice and the Pirates. Now I’m kind of just floating about in and out of rori.

3. Without rori (and my friends), I’ll never ever learn how to apply makeup properly.

My makeup knowledge would have been limited to what I’ve learnt from my Chinese Dance CCA days.

Learning makeup wasn’t an easy task for me, since it’s really more of a trial and error sort of experience. I could stare at those makeup segments in a magazine and be unable to tell you the difference between all these tutorials other than the obvious change in lip or eye colour.

I’m really glad that I’ve improved my makeup over the years thanks to rori. Makeup is undeniably, a bimbotic activity. But I get very annoyed when people judge those who put on makeup and go all blehblehblehnaturalbeautyisthebestblehbleh. Natural beauty =/= no makeup. You don’t know how bloody hard it is to do a natural look with makeup. Not every one is blessed with perfect looks and skin condition. And what’s the problem with wanting to look presentable.

4. Rori helped me become slightly more confident in myself.

Not to make it sound like rori was an extremely good thing that happened to me, but it did significantly impact my life. Maybe it was the opportunities that came with it, or the people I’ve met thanks to it, but I do believe that I’ve changed a lot because of all the experiences. Being more aware of my appearance has made me feel slightly more confident in myself for one, although I’m still very camera shy. I’ve learnt a lot of things about myself and people in general, and I love to guess how do people’s minds work. Basically what I’ve observed in people, I hope it serves to help me improve myself as a human being.

5. Nua-ing has become one of my main activities in life.

My previous close circle of friends are not the type that enjoys hanging out in one spot and chatting all day long. There was always a need of an activity if we were to be meeting. “Chilling” was just our short lunch and dinner breaks. With rori, the best sort of meet are the kinds that you just hang out with friends in one spot and chat all day long LOL. It’s so much more enjoyable when you’re hanging out comfortably with people you like.

6. I’m born to be in rori! BWAHAHAHA.

I don’t sweat much. Be envious.

7. Rori indulges me in my preference for long skirts.

And covering up the body in general.

I’ve always been conscious of the fact that the people around me generally seem to think that less is more. And while I agree on that idea, I didn’t really think that they all meant it literally in terms of clothing. I’ve always stuck out like a sore thumb with my er.. covered self. Rori, thankfully, “forces” every one to cover themselves up decently. Besides, I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of swishing sleeves and skirts.

8. It’s all about the silhouette.

I love the silhouette rori gives to a person’s form. It’s probably the reason why I got into rori. It can de-emphasize what you dislike about your body, and accentuate what you love about your form. The bulk of my rori are all A-line, with my jsks having a very specific form fitting bodice followed by more A-line skirts.

I only own the first one, but you get the idea anyways.

I only own the first one, but you get the idea anyways.

I’m currently trying to experiment in other shapes, but I feel that they generally still look the same ahahha /fail

9. I’m afraid of buying more rori on my own

It sounds weird, but that’s the gist of it. I’ve experienced quite a few traumatic experiences when it comes to buying/selling rori overseas. Things just seem to go wrong somehow. Missing skirts, burnt down houses, and missing people in general, I’m so glad that I have Jasmine and Steph to help me with the online buying XD;

10. In and out of rori.

I certainly don’t lead a lolita lifestyle, and I’m certainly not thaaaat into rori anymore. But I do like dressing up. I just wear it when there’s an occasion to. There are many times I want to quit rori altogether, but I think I’m in a state where I don’t even think I’m qualified to “quit” since I’m not really “in” it LOL.

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