30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 2

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Phew that was long. Now to write on my normal regular entry..

Day 2 – 10 things you love in lolita.

1. Gold

Gold trimminnnnnnngggg <3

Gold trimminnnnnnngggg <3

Like I said, I’m a very tacky person. Gold trimming sucks my soul. That’s why Alice and the Pirates is so so so tempting. That Versailles cape over there? I did whine for it nonstop it till my friend had to slap me out of it. And there were times I stared at perfectly find AatP vests and half wished I have the guts to replace all their black lace trimmings with gold ones.. This is dangerous for me because sometimes the tacky look I like borders dangerously close to something akin to stage costumes, which I understand can be quite a turn off to a lot of people.

I love gold accents on almost everything. Red, black, white, brown, green, blue.. anything. Even on purple because it reminds me of cadburry chocolate /making no sense. As long as the item looks rich I think. I’ve usually been a very non-print plain sort of person, so I’ve only started building my collection just recently (which is a grand total of.. 2 skirts and a blouse lol)

2. Jackets

Infanta coat

Infanta coat

Coats, boleros, jackets, I love them all. Am particularly fond of double breasted (or essentially the 2 parallel columns of buttons) and military jackets. Fancy sleeves are a plus. Again, military/double breasted jackets + gold fascination can be another dangerous combi in relation to the whole costuming thing lol.

I just wish that the weather here actually permits coats =A= I’ve been eying all the pretty dress coats..

3. Tails

I really like the silhouette of an outfit that has a tail at the back. If possible, I wish all my jackets have swallowtails. And my skirts. In a way it explains why I like extremely long skirts too. I like it when skirts have an asymmetrical look, or bustles, which gives the illusion of a tail. Sometimes I would be caught staring fondly at the tails of the big bows people tie at the back of their skirts/JSKs.. Would love to spam pictures but unfortunately all the items I have in mind are taken off their respective sites.

Again, this is a problem when it comes to the costume issue.

4. Hats

Triple Fortune Edwardian

Triple Fortune Edwardian

I don’t incorporate them much in my coordinates mostly because I have yet to find the ones that I really want, but I really like it when I see hats being part of a coordinate. Maybe because it sort of gives out a formal and grand feel at the same time. One of my rori dreams was to get an completely useless and inconvenient edwardian hat, and then match it in a white victorian aristocrat style.. Fat dream, but yeah LOL.

5. Simple but intricate

One thing I like about a lot of clothing for classical and gothic style is their simple look in general (as compared to other extreme styles like OTT sweet), accentuated only by one motif, or a few very simple things. Unfortunately that makes it very hard for me to justify spending on such things sometimes LOL.

It’s not what classic and gothic style is really all about, but this is an area which appeals to me a lot about them. It’s why I liked Innocent World a lot when they were spamming this style haha. There are definitely a lot more ways to go about dressing in classic and gothic styles, but I will leave that to my friends who are much better at it.

6. Grand but classic

Juliette et Justine JSK

Juliette et Justine JSK

Yes yes, it sorta contradicts what I just said. I love it when people can look so grand in rori. Princess sleeves are something I find very impractical, but I LIKE. I like coordinates that looks super grand and detailed, but when you look at it piece by piece, they’re all actually very simple in style, just very well put together with a great coordinate, accents, impressive print or lace detail.

7. Hanging out with friends

Enjoying rori on your own can be really boring. I’m glad I’ve met my friends =) It makes rori a lot more fun. And you feel more justified when you can bring yourself to wear it out, and usually such feelings come when you know that you will be going out with similarly dressed people.

Sometimes your outfit reflects what sort of character you are, so when you go for tea parties and get surrounded by all sorts of roris, I find it that it’s an easy way to loosely gauge what sort of person they are, and this is something that I like doing, guessing people’s characters. It’s a bit hard to explain since this is definitely not on a literal basis but more of a context sort of thing, but ah well XD

8. Coordination

It’s really the fun part of rori. Wearing the full set can be really fun too as the person will really look very complete (for a lack of better word), but it’s really a lot more exciting to see how many different coordinates one can come up with for the same few items. Either that or I’m just telling myself that because that’s what I’ve been doing for my whole rori life LOL.

I really wanted to do the 10 items coordinate meme thing, but I’m so so so so lazy 8D;

9. Getting the perfect look

Ignoring what I’ve said before in point 8, I love aiming for the “perfect look”. There are times when you dream of a certain coordinate, or when you see an item you like and instantly visualised the whole coordinate in your head, right down to shoes and hair etc. I love it when I see people slowly getting closer and closer to their dream coordinate for so and so item. That’s why I love theme rori so much too. You get this sort of sense of accomplishment, as if the monies spent on them are all justified. Too bad sometimes you end up feeling like that’s the end of the journey for those items XD

10. It’s cute.

No really, rori is very cute. I’m not a very sweet person, but surrounded by friends who could come up with lots of impressive cute coordinates, I’m starting to appreciate a lot more cute things, and hopefully I would be able to try out sweet rori at least once in my life. I have borrowed stuff from Steph and Jasmine before, and I did own a Baby the Stars Shine Bright Mother Goose skirt, but they always laughed at me saying that I just effectively turned whatever potentially sweet item I’m wearing into a much more toned down style until it’s practically sweet-classic. Boo.

My stuff are really very plain. They’re so plain, they’re making Baby’s stain glass jsk look sweet in comparison.

Now my biggest jump from my comfort zone is this Wonder Cookie skirt that I’ve purchased recently. I was tempted by how rainbow-y it looks. It will take ages for me to finally get around to wearing it (gotta figure out a coordinate first)

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  1. yun'er
    July 3, 2011 at 10:41 pm (8 years ago)

    Ah, I’d love to see you in Wonder Cookie! 😀 I hope you’ll be able to work a coordinate around it soon. Not merely because the style seems so atypical from the few times I’ve seen you in rori, but because I haven’t seen you in rori in a while. Ahaha.

  2. Waylon
    March 21, 2015 at 11:00 pm (5 years ago)

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