30 Day Lolita Challenge – Day 3

Original Meme

Day 3 – 10 things you hate in lolita.

In other words, the most unhappy entry in this 30 day meme lol.

1. Panniers

They just keep dying. I have to wear 3 panniers now in order to get a decent poof, and that’s for a very casual look. I’ve gone up to 6 panniers and it doesn’t even come close to a satisfactory poof because of the weight of my clothing. It’s no longer wearing panniers for poof, but rather wearing it for bulk sob. I really should just buy a new pannier or two, but panniers are so expensive sob.

2. Impracticality

They are annoying to store, they are bulkier than normal clothes, they are not easy to wear regularly because of the stupid weather, and they are not easy to incorporate with your normal wear. I don’t think I need to elaborate this because I’m sure every one out there feels our pain.

3. Money issues

Hard to buy, hard to sell, needs capital to build up collection before you can even start wearing, and the weather’s so unforgiving, I spend more just to take a cab to travel when I’m in rori.

4. Labeling

I don’t like to categorise coordinates into their “respective styles”. Yes, when people are obviously going for a certain look, by all means call it whatever style they want it to be. But when you have coordinates that are a blend of many styles, or just something different, is it really necessary to decide for them what style it is? Can’t it just be that they are wearing rori, and then we leave it at that?

I would prefer to label it by themes. Like perhaps, inspiration, or a look I’m going for. At this point, I would like to say that the construction for the theme is not limited to staple words like.. /gestures to all the staple terms. You could be telling me that your theme is “Sheep flying to the moon”, and I would be perfectly fine with it /shot

5. Classic for “everything else”

I don’t hate it, but it’s quite bleh for me to hear people go “it’s not sweet enough to be sweet. It’s not gothic enough to be gothic. Therefore it shall be classic.” In that case, do you honestly think you have successfully categorised it in their proper styles? Maybe I’m just being defensive because my rori origins are of the classic style, but I find it quite unfair for classic to be the “middle” point for most rori styles.

Because it’s not. At all.

6. Inflexibility

Rori may have a lot of rules, but it’s really all guidelines. There are certain aspects that makes an outfit rori (such as the silhouette), but other than that, these rori clothes are you know, clothes. You are free to mix and match. You can be as creative as you want, really. That’s why coordinating is fun. I don’t like it when people feel the need to dictate others that they are “doing it wrong” just because you are not wearing the same colour, brand, or complete set head to toe.

There is nothing wrong in wearing the same brand, the complete set, or the same colour head to toe, but there’s also nothing wrong in experimenting. I understand that some people are afraid to mix and match because it might not be a successful combination, but it’s not 100% guaranteed you will get a good coordi either if you wear clothing from brands that are of the same style (for example, mix matching AP, Baby and Meta together) All I’m saying is that you should use your common sense and sense of aesthetics to decide for you how to wear your stuff, and not by petty things like “rules”.

7. Lack of moderation

You can do whatever you want with your dressing, but there really should be a limit to how much you can break the “rori rules”. Just because you are wearing a rori item among your many other random clothes does not equate you to wearing “casual rori” or “______ rori”. You can dress up wonderfully for all I care, and I’ll still say it’s not rori when I clearly see that the aspect of rori gone from the outfit. Also, I love to see dramatic coordinates and people going all out. But sometimes less is more (har har har). I think OTT anything is really really incredible (think of all the effort behind it!), but I think you all have seen a fair share of people just doing too much until it’s really hideous. Like a really really really bad costume.

8. Claiming

I love exclusivity. I feel your pain when someone else gets what you want/have, and I will comfort you when you are upset about it. But there is nothing, nothing at all, that gives anyone the right to own something, and no one else can.

I know this whole thing sounds super hypocritical of me, and I don’t know what sort of further explanation or examples I could give to justify this all. Some might say that I say this only because I “don’t understand” their pain because no one really wants the same things that I do har har. I agree with them though (to an extent). I’m lucky to experience less of the pain and competition.

9. Passerby people who can’t keep their mouth shut while gawking

I’m fine with gawking. We understand that we stand out, but it doesn’t mean we deserve to be treated like an animal exhibition. Our ears and eyes still function under all the extra amount of clothes. If you really want to open your mouth, say something nice. If it’s not nice, do it far away from us, thank you very much.

10. Non-rori wearers who think they know all about rori, and have too much to say about it.

Because you have no right to when you have never worn it.

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