J-Rock Disney and other random updates

One of the more exciting news shared by my friend Ivory.

Visual kei bands to take on Disney songs for ‘V-ROCK Disney’!

Essentially, songs from Disney films will be covered by J-rock/Visual Kei bands. And while I’m usually not very excited by the idea of “remixes”, I’m actually looking forward to this album coming out on September 7. I admit, I’m bias towards Nightmare, but at the same time, I do believe the bands can do a decent job of covering the songs without killing the inner Disney kid in us.

My guess is that A Friend Like Me is gonna sound like Nightmare’s the LAST SHOW


I’ve been having so much fun during my horseriding lessons, I wish they were longer haha. Ivory and I have finally started to learn how to post when riding the trot, and I can’t wait to see how we would fare at trotting without the instructor guiding the horses. I don’t know how on earth I’m going to coordinate between posting and steering the horse.

My thighs scream at the sound of it.


As for school related matters, I think I might have just received my first A in my entire university education. Joy. I think I’m very lucky. I shall work harder to.. get more Bs instead of my regular Cs (and Ds sobs)

Now my biggest concern is my Fall’s modules. I think the school system has an error or something, because I’m given 2 modules which I have already completed (with not very outstanding grades but nevertheless I passed) I hope that I get to sort out my future timetable without much trouble…

Also, I’ve had it with this stupid tiny space for my text. I want a bigger space T_T

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