Day 4-8 Summary: Lots of ups and downs, but no improvement whatsoever

Short logs of what happened on each day. Have been visiting him after school. It’s a lot easier for me to talk about him now, especially since all I need to do is to tell people his condition matter-of-factly. No more ~emotional~ entries from now on haha.

Day 4
They removed his sedation completely. The swell seems to have gone down a lot, though now his brain and right arm swelled up a lot more than yesterday. He does look a lot more..”normal-er”, but frankly, I’d prefer the dent in his head now. Swell means pressure after all. Blood pressure in his brain area is still very high, but his body’s pressure seems to be in a much better condition, though still in the high range. Thankfully, his body warmth is starting to return. My uncle begged his friend who is a neuro surgeon and a consultant in the ICU to let him do acupuncture on my dad. So under the surgeon and some big shot nurse’s watchful eyes, he poked his nose and immediately got a reaction (tears came out). He said it was a good sign because it mean he will wake up. And then he occasionally twitches, which is really a good sign.

I fell asleep while sitting on the floor (outside ICU) with my mouth open. My mum joked that there wasn’t a need for me to imitate my dad.

Day 5
Still no signs of waking up, and no twitching for today. I really hope he wakes up within the next few days because that would mean he has a higher chance of a faster (and better) recovery rate. Doctors said that the longer he stays unconscious, the more likely he will stay in this state + lower recovery rate. The swelling on his right face and arm has pretty much gone down, and the dent on his head is a lot more visible, so that’s a good thing. All levels on the CPU monitor are in the ideal range, though his breathing is teetering dangerously low. His body warmth is coming back too.

I told my dad to do me a favour by waking up and recover soon, so that he could be transferred to another ward instead of staying in ICU, and then us visitors will finally have seats.

Day 6
I’ve been preparing myself by reading up about right-brain damage. I decided that I should start talking to him more on his right side just in case he has left-side neglect.

My dad is having a fever from staying in bed for days. They blew a fan full blast at him, and we were quite worried about it because his whole body was cold from that.

My grandmother has more perseverance than me. Excluding the time she had to eat and when she exited ICU for a while because her body couldn’t take the cold from the room, she has been calling out for my dad nonstop for 5 hours.

I saw both dad’s eyes twitching. My mum told me that the doctor said he’s moving his eyes, but doesn’t have the strength to open them. I hope this is all a good sign.

I was thankfully away when a nurse had to manually remove his phlegm from his body. I’ve been through it a few times myself when I was hospitalised, and it was so fucking painful. My mum had to see it though. She said my dad was thrashing his right side, and his breathing became very irregular. They had to call a doctor immediately.

He will be going for a 3rd operation soon, to get a tube into his throat to facilitate his breathing. Supposedly it’s going to be much easier for him to breath through that as compared to the current one he’s using.

We received an interim bill, and nearly died at the amount we have to pay just for 5 days of ICU. Thankfully, the government is subsidising a LOT for us, but the remaining is still scary. Not as disastrous as the original amount, but really painful. We were afraid dad won’t get Ward C because of our address, but thankfully it was approved, so yey. When I pointed out that the bill states that the government will absorb GST, we were like \o/ YAY D8

Day 8
He went for the 3rd operation. His fever was gone in the morning. The doctors said if everything goes well they will shift him to the high dependency ward.

And then his fever came back, he breathing became very hectic, and then the one thing I feared the most flashed on the monitor: NO BREATH DETECTED. Doctors flew in and out.

They had to put back the pump for him to breathe. Pressure shot up here and there. I felt like we are all back to square one. No improvement at all.

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  1. Shu
    August 5, 2011 at 9:58 am (7 years ago)

    Hang in there, uncle!

    Am not on twitter anymore so don’t know how’s your dad’s condition until you blog here and don’t want to bother you when you’re on MSN as you must be dead tired after each day =( Am hoping and praying that your dad will make it through.

    • aserett
      August 6, 2011 at 12:39 am (7 years ago)

      Oh don’t worry. Feel free to disturb me. If I’m tired I wouldn’t be online regardless whether I can sleep or not haha.

      I really hope he does. Things are starting to look grim.

  2. yun'er
    August 7, 2011 at 4:01 pm (7 years ago)

    Hello. I’ve only just found out about this through the only avenue I’m able to glean any information from (that is, here), so I can only apologize for not being there for you in any capacity whatsoever. I hope as much as your other friends that your family’s condition will pick up.

    I feel awful about not knowing earlier, but I’d rather not dole out any meaningless platitudes on you either, since they almost always sound contrived and not at all sincere; neither am I about to pretend I understand, or compare it with what I went through in secondary school, either. So I’ll just say that I can at best provide a distraction, and if you ever feel the (highly irrational) urge to talk to me about anything at all, I’m here to listen! If nothing else.

    Take care of yourself. <3

    • aserett
      August 8, 2011 at 12:49 am (7 years ago)

      /squish You didn’t miss much actually. I don’t plan on telling anyone about this. The only ones that know are the people who actually knew of this blog’s existence. In fact I only took the initiative to inform my mother and grandmother about this. I’m sorry for not informing you too, but I felt that it wasn’t necessary to go make people’s moods down because of something that has got nothing to do with them.

      And don’t worry <3 I feel that there's no such thing as a proper script to use in situations like this, so therefore there's no such thing as "meaningless platitudes" =) As I've said to others, I really appreciate every thought and concern, and all the good intentions you have <3

      You take care of yourself, and hope to catch up with you soon!


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