If you’ve figured it out from my domain, I love eating chicken nuggets. I also do not like dipping my nuggets into any sauce because it covers the original flavour.

No Sauce Please is created as a challenge of sorts for me. A space for me to just blog whatever I want without any cover-ups. I want to be who I am, and say what I mean without being rude (honesty doesn’t mean I need to be a bitch after all), hence the name. This blog has been used to write down memories which I never want to forget, stories which I want to tell again and again but am too tired to repeat, and to kill time by filling up memes (cough).

As serious as it sounds, this blog is actually filled with nonsensical gibberish haha. I ramble a lot! My thoughts and grammar are all over the place. đŸ˜€

– Am in my twenties
– Reside in Singapore
– Want to become someone who is comfortable with herself
– Really love Coke, but I need to cut down
– Really need to start eating vegetables

My interests…
– Makeup and hairstyling
– Organising tips
– Matte painting/ Scenery illustrations
– Miniatures
– Ball-jointed dolls
– Anime and manga
– (Casual) Gaming (with an extreme fondness for otome games, tactical RPGs and Dance Central-like games.)
– Seiyuu (Well, just the males. /honest Ishida Akira is my god, and Morikawa Toshiyuki is The Emperor.)

Feel free to contact me at upsize@nuggetmeal.com.

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