My tyre got murdered

And I only drove this car for exactly 60 days /cry

About two nights ago, while I was driving back home, some shitty metal rod/nail thing went through my tyre. I was in a rather deserted area at that time, well, there were like one or two cars every 15 mins or so, but it was deserted enough to have mongrels walking out from their hiding place to look at me. Believe me, it wasn’t very comforting to see them be so daring about it. Anyways, I stopped by a bus stop where there is more light, and idk why but I made sure that the lamp post near it had a security camera fixed to it. Just in case if something drastic happened to me, at least it got recorded down.

Also, before I continue, lemme just say that I’m very upset that I’m getting all these unfortunate things happening to me day after the other. From the mysterious jam on Friday, the plumbing system and lights in my house failing on Saturday, the electronic safe failing + the really shitty people in the concert on Sunday, to my taobao loot missing + dead tyre on Monday..


Mikupa @ I<3Anisong AFA

After the concert

After the concert

Attended Mikupa, the first ever proper Mikupa for Singapore! (and my first live concert ever, excluding the Grasshoppers one my parents took me when I was a baby)

It’s quite a funny story, really. Jasmine and I are not really huge fans of the vocaloid characters. It’s more like we’re interested in the producers (and their songs), and some of the amateur singers who cover vocaloid songs. On top of that, we don’t have much confidence in knowing a lot of vocaloid songs. Technically, this means we should be satisfied with just the songs in our mp3 player, and will not need to spend $48 for a stand-in ticket for this.

But when we heard about it anyways, we went ahead and purchased VIP tickets orz.

I said that it won’t hurt to splurge on a live and attend it in comfort anyways. Plus we never attend lives, so it’s not too bad spending more for this, right? And since this is a hologram, it’s really pointless if we can’t see it.

But our main reason was because we don’t want to get killed by body odour for two hours =x


Mahou Atelier goodness

Rorona says hi. What's that you say? You're 28 years old?

Rorona says hi. What's that you say? You're 28 years old?

It took me a lot of willpower not to get Atelier Rorona’s artbook with the shiny character designs and printed illustrations.

It took me twice the amount of willpower not to get Atelier Totori’s artbook with the shiny character designs and printed illustrations.

I rolled and died and whined nonstop when the 2-in-1 artbook featuring both Rorona and Totori with the shiny character designs and printed illustrations was Sold Out ):

Imagine my utter glee when I finally got my hands on the premium artbook featuring all 3 Rorona, Totori and Meruru in it. With the super shiny character designs and very very very expensive excellent print quality illustrations.

It’s the coke withdrawal.

Still waiting for my stuff to arrive so that I can start talking about happy stuff in my blog lol.

Significant happenings in my life:

I topped up for an iphone4s!

I figured it’s about time since the 3gs is getting very wonky. It keeps turning the volume up and down for no apparent reason, which scared me because I thought my headphones/sound system in the car had problems. And then there’s the huge lag + multiple crashes generally. My friends and I have been playing with Siri just for the novelty of it, and I guess Siri doesn’t understand Singaporean English lol. It understands us better if set to US English compared to UK English, but still not good enough. There have been a few amusing answers to our queries, but I think the funniest parts were all the mistranslations of our words.

I’m trying to cut down on my coke intake.



Exciting stuff in the future!

I splurged in my doll hobby

And boy am I excited. First, I’m expecting two in November, and both will need faceups which I never fail to delay. Next, two in my house are demanding makeup remover to get rid of their ridiculous faceups and get new ones; one is a eyelash-less boy with the makeup of a girl’s, and the other has black caterpillars for eyebrows with the most unsightly black stains on the nose and chin that would not come off.

Recently attended a very simple private doll meet and I have to say the experience was fun somehow even though we do the same things without the dolls. You nua, you eat, you talk. It does feel very exciting seeing everyone’s dolls. I can’t wait for the rest of my kids to be presentable for future meets LOL.

I would like to splurge in rori

unfortunately I could not. Next.

I am, however, splurging a lot on taobao.

Aunts who are devout buddhists…

…are making things difficult for me because they just told me that during the previous 49 days, my dad’s soul has been in great sorrow and has been standing next to my mother and I, desperately begging for us to be able to hear him. And then 21 days into the 49 days he will wander about aimlessly not knowing what to do because his soul cannot bring himself to believe that he’s dead. And then on the 49th day he will be “very very sad” because he will never be able to see us ever again and be made to forget us before he gets ~sent away to the pure land where he will be very very happy~

I don’t know which part of that is supposed to make me feel appeased. Thanks to this stupid thing, I now can’t sleep. I didn’t need to hear that despite all the instructions you gave us to follow in order to make sure his soul gets appeased, and that he will have a good journey to the pure land (or get reincarnated, you know, ~just in case~ the whole pure land travel thing didn’t work out), my dad has been crying in agony for 49 days. Gee thanks XD;

They meant good, I know, but nrrrggggh LOL.

Vroom vroom vroom~

My new shiny car is here! 😀

Not so watermelon opps! XD

Not so watermelon opps! XD

I’ve settled very comfortably in the car now. Driving and parking is a hell lot easier. It helps that I have a GPS navigator too lol. That’s as personalised as the car’s gonna get. And one iphone cable. It needs a mascot LOL.

I hope the “new-ness” of the car stays longer~ I didn’t allow my dog to get in the car because I was afraid her smell will stick in the car like our previous one. Mayyyybe when the car gets older, then I might reconsider.

I’m glad to say that I’ve gotten a lot better at driving and parking. It sounds a little weird, but I can’t wait for this car to hit its first 1000km. I’ll be like YEY finally I can drive faster on empty roads! /VROOOM

Best tensionnnnnnnn best condishionnnnnnnn. (random short update)

Probably the most fun tenimyu 2nd cast song to sing.

Ten minute long song, complete with very long serifu.

Must include extremely lousy epic imitation of their voices too. Most notably JURI’s Akutsu, Aiba’s (Fuji) part right before Shirota’s (Tezuka) line LOL, and of course, Shiozawa’s (Mizuki) “Yiu are ze Piiiince of tenniissssss”

I’m really surprised how a lot of the tenimyu lyrics seem to appear back in my mind when I hear the songs. Though I admit, they were mostly 1st cast songs. Probably cus I watched DL1 to death.

Andddd I took my dad’s laptop 😀

So now I can play games YEEEEEEEEY.

But I have no idea what to play.

So I downloaded MapleStory LOL.

I’m really surprised by all the new jobs, and how easy it is to level up now as compared to last time.

I can’t wait to discover more games to play.

Andddd… I’m getting my car next Friday! YAY! Nervous and excited.

Random updates

Horseriding lesson is still as frustrating as ever

Went there with steel determination and fire burning in my eyes, all ready to kick the horse to make sure it trots. All of that went out of the window the moment the horse refused to budge after my first kick. And then I proceeded to act like a wimp and flapped my legs frantically while begging it to move. I’m lousy I know.

The instructor advised us to get a short whip orz. Stupid Bob and Rocky all your fault!

Karaoke was fun

Had a moment where we keyed in several old school Jrock Vkei songs. Even though I had no lyrics, Malice Mizer’s Syunikiss was sing-able. But omg no hiragana thingies for their kanji sfjkahkjhsdjkn.

And just oh so randomly, I spotted one of the tenimyu songs This is the Prince of Tennis and just keyed it in HAHA. It was surprisingly, fun. I feel this urge to key in random other songs from tenimyu in future karaoke sessions.

And it’s been a while, but hurray for the revival of Sendai Kamotsu songs in karaoke HAHAHA.

I’m really glad I made myself use the microphone in recent sessions. I realised how much fun it can be belting out songs, or when we’re able to sing together. Even if I can’t read half the lyrics LOL.

I’m still upset that I can’t do a vibrato at all, which is so so so so so crucial to any drama-mama song. My attempts at them are very lame.

I also want to be able to accomplish random rapping parts for some songs. SEAMO why your songs so hard to sing?!

Driving recklessly on the road as always

But I’m getting better at maintaining my composure and winging it if I take the wrong route. I’m getting a Swift! 😀 Green colour! No I’m not going to turn it into a watermelon LOL. But I will love to personalise it here and there! I’m very excited actually. Driving the current car is very difficult for me for many reasons.

I should start looking for GPS navigation systems..

I miss playing games

I really do.

I miss the addiction.

I can’t believe I’m harbouring stupid thoughts about wanting a PC just for gaming.

I refuse to boot Windows into my Mac. I’m someone who cannot deal with viruses at all, so I would like to have at least one computer that will last me for a lifetime. Plus if I could resist the urge to boot Windows so that I can have all the illegal free programs for school purposes, I wouldn’t just cave in because I want to play games.

Too bad I can’t use my father’s PC or laptop. He tinkered with them too much till I can’t use them at all ;;

Test Driving

Just went around looking for cars! I took a Toyota Vios and a Suzuki Swift for a test drive hehe. They are a lot easier to control compared to our current car. I’m leaning towards the Swift (totally went VROOOOOM on the highway LOL), but we shall see how. Even though I’m the one driving the car, the wallet belongs to my mother, so she gets the final say lol.

One of my mother’s brother (and his son) accompanied us to view cars since we know nothing about car buying, and I bet my mother’s antics amused him to no end. To her, buying a car is like buying a new phone. Before we narrowed down to those two cars, she was swayed by the Honda Jazz’s sunroof, the Chevrolet Spark’s LCD screen (and cuteness), and many other car’s random exciting features (like if the seats at the back could be pushed forward flat to reveal a much bigger storage, or if the door opens differently, “OOH AHHHH THIS CAR IS REALLY GOOD!!”)

My requirements for a car is quite simple (and vague). Looks decent, not asking for attention, not too hugeass for me to deal with, easy to drive, Okay. I really didn’t want the Jazz because it felt really long, and the front looked er, “fierce” hahaha. Big deal about the sun roof; I can’t even enjoy it while I’m on the road. Plus I can imagine how distracting it will be when I drive during night time.

Driving the Vios really felt like I was back learning how to drive in the driving center. Simple basic car, really sensitive controls, and the car super light. It was really easy dealing with the car. I wasn’t given much of a chance to test how it would feel if I drive at a much faster speed (like on a highway), but even at a semi-decent speed made me feel like if I were to drive any faster, the car will fly off. That’s the only bad part I guess.

Driving the Swift was really fun. I got a chance to drive on the highway, and it was so stable, I ended up driving at a really high speed and didn’t feel the least bit threatened. Brakes will take a while for me to adjust to, but any brake out there is more sensitive than my current car haha. And it was soooo small, U-turning and parking was a breeze. And, I got parking tips from my uncle and the sales assistants /shot. To hell with the “proper way” of reverse parking, I’m so gonna do the one they taught me. So much easier.

Okay enough about cars. I’ve got another form of “transport” to deal with tomorrow. Horses. Watch out. I’m gonna nudge you to death D< If I ever get Rocky or Bob, before I even get the whip, I'm slapping your sides RAWR. AND KARAOKE TOMORROW~~~~~~~~~~~~

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