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(Almost completed) Pokeball nailart and more Wreck This Journal

Just a while ago, I was toying with the idea of painting pokeballs on my nails. I did it, but unfortunately, the whole thing got messed up. I think it’s the white nail polish. The red nail polish was from OPI, while the white was from FUSO. And it gave me a loooot of problems. Couleur Inc’s yellow nail polish also gave me quite a bit of problem, though I was wondering if it was because of me instead since I had no problems with their gold.

But here, proof that I was pretty much done before all the weird shit happened. I have yet to clean the sides before taking the picture.




Wreck This Journal

A while back, several classmates of mine showed interest in this book called Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith. I have the amazing power to make anything sound lame, but essentially this book tries to encourage you to embrace the idea of “to create is to destroy”. In every page, there is a set of instructions for you to follow (loosely) and er, go wild.