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January till November 2013

I’ve neglected this blog for sooo longggg.

As you can see, change of WordPress theme woooo~ I still want to make a banner, but I’ll er, figure that out some other day XD;

I’ve also added a picture of myself gasp!! It’s because I’ve finally gained confidence in myself haha never happening gotten a lucky shot of myself with decent sized eyes and a decent face shape LOL. That and the fact I’ve already posted a few rare shots of myself here and there, and I’m like ah, whatever.

Timeline-ish entry, with as much details as I can remember.

Oh and er, my keyboard is faulty. I can’t type “p” XD; it’s all copy and paste. Ahahaha.. oTL ;;;


Vague updates for the past 4 months

Officially gave up on finishing the entries for Japan (big surprise there) because the drafts disappeared on me.

Have also found the awesomness that is Canmake’s Gokunobi mascara (thanks Jasmine) and the Quick Lash Curl. Seriously, the mascara is so nice and natural, and the Quick Lash Curl, omg the Quick Lash Curl.

My lashes stay curled. Nothing can express how _________ I felt. HAHAHA IDK WHAT THAT MEANS

In this span of about 4-ish months, significant things has happened! (those who follow me on twitter probably know most of it though)


Nom nom first post!

To be honest, I’m not even sure why I set up this blog when I’m so afraid of people being able to dig up dirt on me lol. I admit that I’m very attracted to the idea of having my own domain, and I guess it was a “since I have it, I might as well do” moment which made me set up this blog.

And I get a kick out of writing my new email address out lol. It sticks out like a sore thumb in the class registry list.

As to why “No Sauce Please”, idk. I think at that moment, I felt like it was quite appropriate somehow. There’s of course the fact that I usually order my nuggets without sauce. I’ll think about this more when I have the time lol.

Hopefully with this blog, I will gain something valuable out of this. And that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!