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2015 Keratin Hair Treatment

First post of the year. What better way to start it than a life changing experience for me!

Last year, I was told by my hairstylist that if I’m so bothered by my unruly hair, I could try out their latest Keratin hair treatment which will promise me extra shiny and manageable hair. I’m usually very lazy when it comes to maintaining my hair, and I was really skeptical about it. I imagined that it’s either going to be a regular hair treatment which won’t last after one wash, or it’s going to be as lifeless as rebonded hair. And then later when it grows out it will look super stupid, like frizzzzzz-limp hair. I was assured repeatedly that it won’t end up like either, and they say first timers get a discount. Okay can, let’s book my next appointment /kaching.

Without further ado, here be pictures.


January till November 2013

I’ve neglected this blog for sooo longggg.

As you can see, change of WordPress theme woooo~ I still want to make a banner, but I’ll er, figure that out some other day XD;

I’ve also added a picture of myself gasp!! It’s because I’ve finally gained confidence in myself haha never happening gotten a lucky shot of myself with decent sized eyes and a decent face shape LOL. That and the fact I’ve already posted a few rare shots of myself here and there, and I’m like ah, whatever.

Timeline-ish entry, with as much details as I can remember.

Oh and er, my keyboard is faulty. I can’t type “p” XD; it’s all copy and paste. Ahahaha.. oTL ;;;


2012 Memorable Happy Timeline

I think 2012 has been a very good year to me somewhat. Probably making it up to me for the year before haha. Here’s a timeline of sorts to remind myself that despite all the shitty things that happened last year, it’s still a pretty good year. Ignoring all the shitty parts.

I’ve gotten the habit of writing out memorable events on my planner, with the occasional whining+agony note on certain dates (i.e if I think I screwed up on my tests lol). It’s very exciting to see it written out haha.

And yeah, I know. Pretty late to be writing this out when it’s already mid May LOL.


Moved house!

Moved in to my new home on the 23rd! I know pictures are in order, but not when it’s not er.. unpacked nicely yet XD I really do hope I could do a housewarming soonnnnn.

I like the change so far! It’s a lot cozier so I’m not afraid of being in the dark “alone”. I have been trying to train myself to get used to the dark while sleeping as well, but it’s sort of working and not working at the same time lolol.

For some reason even though my room has a hugeass window, plus it’s facing the same direction as my mum’s window, my room is almost always covered in shadows lol.

I love my room, though I really need a lot of adjusting and stuff to buy. I need a lot of those little containers for all the linglinglonglong. Nua-ing is not as easy as before since if I want the bed, I have to pull down the desk and blablablabla. Was hoping that after I’ve fully unpacked (clothes actually), I have space to sprawl on the floor to relax.

I’m trying to cultivate a healthier habit of not turning on the air conditioner 24/7, which it’s sort of working so far considering how cooling this place is. And the breeze is wonderful.

Downsizing from a double bed to a single bed is not as bad as my mother feared, but omg where do I put my plushies?! Currently they are sitting on the top of my hidden bed mechanism thingy, and the one hugeass plushie which I use as a replacement for my precious bolster (thrown away sob) is like thrown all about the room whenever the bed is up.

The few things I’m upset about my room is probably the incorrect measurements for my shelves, and the general fear of dropping anything liquidy on any of the flooring.. (cus you know, they’re brand new, and they absorb anything like whoa..)

Other than that I’m really just chilling in my room and slowly unpacking.

Sorry for the crappy entry haha. Will churn out better entries soon. Namely my entry of the Wao Live Tour, and my trip to Hong Kong!


I drove O< My first epic driving adventure was to go to Central at Clarke Quay. Jasmine helped me checked the maps, and it was her virgin map reading experience LOL. We took 2 detours after exiting the expressway because we were on the wrong lane to turn, but whatever, we did it \o/ And parking at the multi-storey carpark was uneventful save for the screaming we did when we had to continuously go up 5 levels of circling.

And to make it even more dangerous, we drove to Admiralty during peak hour. And then back to Khatib. We got lost so many times LOL.

But I can conclude that I don’t want the car. Driving it alone is so.. gloomy.

I’ve talked to my mother about it, and we decided to sell the car for good. Her only priority is that it’s smaller, so I’m left to do the whole choosing car part. And sob, I don’t know how to go about it. I don’t even know what to look out for. Mum mentioned picanto, but that’s cus it’s the only car she knows of. I’ll be needing a lot of help with this.

Today will be the 7th day. We’re gonna huddle up and sleep together LOL.

I’m handling things a lot better than I expected, but at the same time, I’m still very surprised at how I can easily cry over the smallest thought of him. I can be very happy when I want to be because after the cremation, it felt like there was a bigger sense of closure =D (more…)

Horse Riding #5 cleared \o/

I know I should be working on my lolita meme, but thinking of wishlists is actually quite hard lol.

Finally cleared my first 5 lessons of horse riding with Ivory, and I must say I feel very accomplished somehow. Okay five lessons doesn’t sound much, but let me be satisfied in being able to guide my horse around while posting to their trot, even if they might have been moving based on memory partially LOL. My horse was trotting hesitantly while we attempted a serpentine, and when we finally get to go large (trot along the side of the arena), he immediately sped up as it became a familiar route /shot

It's like the S course for a horse..

It's like the S course for a horse..

Recently my appetite has been decreasing, and it’s making me worried because I’m afraid that I would lapse back into that whole period of “no appetite to eat, get a tummyache at every thing I eat, feel sick nonstop. And since I didn’t eat much during the day, I shall do a lot of midnight snacking because my gastric cramps decided to say hello.” I noticed it when I stopped eating during our lunch breaks in school, and when I was having dinner with my friends just a while ago, I felt like gagging.

J-Rock Disney and other random updates

One of the more exciting news shared by my friend Ivory.

Visual kei bands to take on Disney songs for ‘V-ROCK Disney’!

Essentially, songs from Disney films will be covered by J-rock/Visual Kei bands. And while I’m usually not very excited by the idea of “remixes”, I’m actually looking forward to this album coming out on September 7. I admit, I’m bias towards Nightmare, but at the same time, I do believe the bands can do a decent job of covering the songs without killing the inner Disney kid in us.

My guess is that A Friend Like Me is gonna sound like Nightmare’s the LAST SHOW


The Doll Affair 2011 and Horse riding lessons!

I promise to update more regularly D< What has happened significantly to me: 1. I just cut my hair again and I'm glad it's growing out of its current stye because I am not used to the blunt straight fringe. Also I get to make more waves with my grown out hair. Am amazed that I don't need to touch up my colour yet. Am half tempted to take this opportunity to try out extensions if I want to leave my hair long again... 2. I attended The Doll Affair 2011 at the Singapore Conference last Saturday and had fun =) While it's a lot more spacious, it felt less exciting than the previous times (probably because I'm no longer a helper and am now just a attendee wandering until my friends wrap up their booth to get back?) But things are always a lot more fun when you have spending monies, so I indulged a bit and bought some random stuff here and there! I think it's so funny that I tried to look for someone without knowing how she looks like. At the same time, my friend reported that said person saw me during the event, but argh I don't know how she looks like! D8 Coordinate on that day =D [caption id="attachment_60" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="I love my military motif jacket."]I love my military motif jacket.[/caption]

Skirt: Atelier Pierrot (borrowed from Jasmine)
Everything else: Off brand (Thanks Steph for lending me her hat at the last minute!)

3. I’ve been trying to study hard and I think it’s finally paying off for this semester. Almost near the end of the first half of the semester before I switch to the next modules, so don’t give up, self! I’ll have to slap myself to remind myself that it’s it’s only 2 modules atm so it’s a lot more manageable.. that and the fact there were no huuuge assignments and regular homework (except for a grand total of 2 essays).

Oh and that the exams are easier (for me). Less memorising, more application. (I’ll cry if I have to memorise all these stupid itty bitty little words..)

4. I just finished my first horse riding lesson! It’s super fun! The instructor’s going at a super fast speed, but I’m sure he will slow down at the 2nd lesson. No way am I prepared for a trot just after one class. No Way. I’ll be smashing into fences and trees before I even complain about my ass hurting from all the trotting.

The first time I got on the horse (called Bob), I gave a tiny squeal at the height (and how I’m generally not having my feet on the ground at all). The instructor commented that I shouldn’t do that unless I want Bob to think that he has a savage wild beast sitting on him LOL orz. And when the instructor left me to tend to my friend who’s also taking classes with me, Bob kept fidgeting and tried desperately with his head and one leg to scratch himself. And I just.. desperately clung on D8 Well I didn’t dare to cling cling for fear of Bob moving backwards (he will if you pull on the reins too much), so I was more of… swaying along with him as if I’m on a boat.

And he kept on biting his damn bit it was unnerving me! D8 Was I doing something wrong?! My friend’s didn’t seem to be doing it!

My fear for future lessons would be that I keep repeating the same mistakes until the instructor gets impatient. And then I’ll fumble even more. I just know it will happen. I can imagine it. He’ll skin me for my steering and all that.. up down up down shit.

And yey, due to some miscommunication, I got both of us a $50 discount each off our lessons hohoho! /SHOT

I should buy a pair of pants for this..

Before and After: Nails

People who know me long enough know my obsession with wanting to grow my nails to a decent length. Decent length being having visible white nails sticking out of the finger instead of the sad state where I chewed right into the pink bit of the nail. I finally got rid of the habit (sort of)

This took me 2 months to grow!



Dream of 16 years, fulfilled. I raise my fist up in triumph.

Originally my plan was to also include pictures of how my hair looks like with and without styling. Unfortunately I seem to be having more success in taking bad shots than decent shots. It’s not the hair’s fault; it’s my unglam face with the weird expression. I’ll try my best to post up photos of it in the next entry.

Styling is surprisingly easy and tricky at the same time. The whole process takes about 5 minutes, with majority of the time spending on applying hair wax to my hair instead of the tweaking part even though that’s the hardest.

I’m trying to reduce the hair wax usage, I promise.

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