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Japan Trip 2012: Meeting International Tokyo Roris + Maid Cafe Bar

(I have let this draft rot for a year 2 years now LOL. I don’t remember everything already oh noes. But I figured that I’m not gonna remember anymore even if I wait, so I’ll just throw this out here. And I’m tired of typing anymore for this entry.)

Before Jasmine and I set off for Tokyo, we asked around on EGL if there are any roris in Japan around the same time as us if they would like to meet up. Surprisingly, we did get a response, and a huuuuuge response at that!


Japan Trip: Elisabeth Gala Concert 2012

I took ages writing this out, even longer than my Swallowtail entry despite the former having a lot more content. Again please ignore all the bad English and lousy arranging of content. I have no energy to preview XD;


01 poster

The main reason why Jasmine and I went to Japan this November was because of the (sort of) last minute notice that this year, in celebration of Takarazuka’s Way to 100th Anniversary, the fourth special concert will be an Elisabeth Gala concert featuring graduated troupe members who performed in previous Eisabeth performances.

(Photos are a mix of mine, and from the web which all belong to their respective owners.)


3rd trip to Swallowtail

Not writing out my trip in chronological order!

After reading this entry, I realised I sound quite “out of breath”. Forgive me. This is really a long entry XD; If I sound awkward here and there, just ignore it.

So the last time Jasmine and I went to Japan, we went to the butler cafe Swallowtail twice and got ourselves the member card. This time, we decided that we should put aside time to go to Swallowtail once again.

In our previous visits (I just realised I only wrote about our first visit to Swallowtail LOL. Opps) we felt that our footmen didn’t talk to us much. Well, the first footman “Daniel” tried his very best, but we were too nervous. Asahina was probably because he was too busy, being his last day and all. Can’t blame him really!


Japan Trip 2012 Day 2: Harajuku and Ikebukuro (Swallowtail Visit 1)

Hi guys, I’m really sick now. Sore throat, and potentially a flu or cold or something. I’m sneezing nonstop, and cue running nose. My eyes feel very hot. This is where I whine that I can’t get free strepsils and medication (delivered to my room) from my dad anymore LOL.

On to the long winded blabbering entry! I’m typing this in a very sick mood, so I might start typing nonsense, or simplifying things a lot. I trust that I will go into much greater detail when talking about this IRL, but for now bear with my entry.

And ya, you read the title right, we eventually went Swallowtail twice.


Japan Trip 2012 Day 1: Shinjuku

It has been somewhat of a common knowledge that Jasmine and I are quite pathetic when it comes to directions. Many a time we relied on other people (or cabs) to get to places. That’s why not many people trusted me even with a GPS nagivation system in my car, or how our friends (especially our Sparklies friends) were feeling that we’re gonna be doomed and get lost in Japan, stuck in the country, and sold off as soapland girls or something (thanks guys <3 it’s really nice to know you worry about us so much XD)

In our previous trip, we had Shu to guide us to places, ask for directions etc. This time, we’re on our owwwn.


Back home.

Complete with bad hair day (for every single day)

Complete with bad hair day (for every single day)

Hello! I am back from my Japan trip with Jasmine đŸ˜€

Aren’t you glad we made it back safely? XD /hopeless

There are so many things to write about, but I’m going to bring myself to write them in chronological order to make things neater. Granted, I could just skip to the more exciting bits, but where’s the fun in that /shot It’s definitely way easier if you could hear it from us personally, but I have a blog to maintain, and I shall write it here as well.

And here’s one final photo from me. The loot we brought back home. I’m glad I bought the weighing thingy from Ivory.

Not pictured: 2 huge heavy handbags weighing about 7kg total

Not pictured: 2 huge heavy handbags weighing about 7kg total