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(Almost completed) Pokeball nailart and more Wreck This Journal

Just a while ago, I was toying with the idea of painting pokeballs on my nails. I did it, but unfortunately, the whole thing got messed up. I think it’s the white nail polish. The red nail polish was from OPI, while the white was from FUSO. And it gave me a loooot of problems. Couleur Inc’s yellow nail polish also gave me quite a bit of problem, though I was wondering if it was because of me instead since I had no problems with their gold.

But here, proof that I was pretty much done before all the weird shit happened. I have yet to clean the sides before taking the picture.




Strawberry Nails!

Jasmine recently tried out a tutorial and did strawberry nails! It was really cute, and I couldn’t help but feel cheerful when seeing it, so I thought I should try it too and make myself happy LOL.

Posing your nails is difficult work D:

I think I’m the proudest of my right thumb, because of the nice shape of the leaves hahaha.

Was a bit surprised that the leaves looked so dark. Maybe if paint a white base before painting green over? Or maybe it’s the green glitter..