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Borrowed Books and Dissidia Thoughts

I met up with my friends to check out the recently opened nEx shopping mall, and we went to take a look at the library (which has an english version of the Phoenix Wright artbook lol!) Looking at how almost everyone had books in their hands, I finally got motivated enough to browse through the shelves. When was the last time I picked up a book? … 2 or 3 years ago lol. I don’t know how or when I lost the motivation to read leisurely.

I figured that since it’s been a while since I’ve last read a proper book, I might as well go with something light. I asked my friends to recommend me a fantasy romance book, and to my amusement, they immediately handed me one book along with its sequel.

Ready for some angsty romance time.

Assured that it’s really a light read (and lending me their library card – thank you Michelle <3), I finally borrowed it. I now know what I’ll be doing when I’m not paying attention in class I have nothing to do during breaks.

Aside from that, I’m suddenly back in a gaming mood.