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2014 It never gets old

I refer to this article on how to detect a liar.

It’s really nothing much, but yes, I’m still very bitter about what happened.

The article has two points I wanna point out. The first point is self-explanatory: Avoiding eye contact does not equate to lying. YOU HEAR THAT!

The second point is, of course, “people tend to look at people or things that they like and avoid eye contact with people and things they don’t like.” Lol ya. That’s my dislike for you growing with each second during that interrogation.


It’s the coke withdrawal.

Still waiting for my stuff to arrive so that I can start talking about happy stuff in my blog lol.

Significant happenings in my life:

I topped up for an iphone4s!

I figured it’s about time since the 3gs is getting very wonky. It keeps turning the volume up and down for no apparent reason, which scared me because I thought my headphones/sound system in the car had problems. And then there’s the huge lag + multiple crashes generally. My friends and I have been playing with Siri just for the novelty of it, and I guess Siri doesn’t understand Singaporean English lol. It understands us better if set to US English compared to UK English, but still not good enough. There have been a few amusing answers to our queries, but I think the funniest parts were all the mistranslations of our words.

I’m trying to cut down on my coke intake.



Need. Aircon. Now.

I do not want to be one of those who act as if they are suffering the most (and thus you need to understand and pardon them for their selfish actions, and have to constantly ~massage~ their stupid ego), and I hope that in my entire life, I’ll never behave like one.

Different people deal with situations differently, but I think it’s normal for people to desire feedback and interaction from others no matter what. I would like people to show signs that I matter to them. A form of acknowledgement to my existence, what I’m proud of, and what matters to me. And if I could, I hope that whatever I do for my friends could make them feel the same sense of contentment whenever I receive such feelings.

I have seen people who ask directly for comments, and I think it’s fine. But when it comes to fishing for compliments and sympathy, it annoys me to no end. And it’s people like these that will make me feel like a hypocrite because I end up having the urge to do some fishing. And then I get very frustrated with myself for even thinking about it ._. I should just solve this all by having these people out of my life.

Now that I let that part out, I feel so much better.

All the air conditioners in the house broke down. The one that’s functioning the best is the one in my dad’s room, but even a fan is much better than that hot-air blowing thing. Just a few hours ago, the repairman for the aircon in my mum’s room came. After he fixed it and left, it gave off this lifesaving cool breeze for a few minutes before it went kaput again :/ I can’t wait for Friday to come where the repairmen for my aircon comes over.

In an attempt to take my mind off the heat (omg I’m dyinggggg I’m turning madddddd), I shall try to work on the rori meme surf taobao more /shot.

Random blahblahs and Day 9

Trying to get a much much bigger layout. I can’t stand the tiny space for text haha. Fiddling with random layouts, though I really should be focusing on something like a custom header, but for some reason, I find selecting pictures to be realllly taxing.

I’m finally done with school lessons \o/ One more lesson on Monday, then 2 exams by Thursday, and yaaaaay 2 weeks of well deserved holidays.

I’m telling myself to blog about other things too. To sort of focus on other things going on around me other than my dad.

I’m looking forward to Sunday’s horseriding. I have a feeling that my body will not listen to me at all though, and I’ll just end up bruising my legs in order to desperately keep my feet in the stirrup while trotting. Annnnnd I’ll probably take ages to lift my leg up the stirrup in order to mount. As much as I find it stressing to trot Bob /bricked, I think mounting is just as stressful (just more short-term lol), second being taking the horse to the training grounds (they never listen!!!!!). No matter how high I lift my leg with my hands, it’s always never enough. I resorted to do this little tiptoe skip in order to get the tip of my boot barely on the stirrup, and then without pausing, I grab the saddle and jump like mad to get the momentum again to mount. Maybe that’s why Bob hates me.

And no matter how much I try to measure the stirrups to suit me, I never get it right somehow, and then I’ll just feel very stupid letting my instructor adjust it for me orz. Then I wish he would have just adjusted them to be even shorter so that it’s easier to post lol

I saw that each hole along the belt of the stirrup thing had numbers. I remember my previous one was a 10. I’ll probably adjust it back to that number.. and then let my instructor adjust again as he see fit (and memorise the number!) lol.

Day 9
To bring down his fever, they put this slab of ice under his bed, so his body is ice cold. My mother and I commented that it’s like Yang Guo’s cold jade bed lol. But even with the cold jade bed, his fever remains at 39 degrees. His breathing is so so so low, we’re talking 50 low. blood pressure going up and down. And he’s starting to cough. Everything’s just looking so bad.

I think it’s good that my mother still has a friend to talk to about it, though I wish that he would just stop asking my mum to think about what would her decision be should things happen, and you know, the whole “let him live and pray for a miracle, or end his suffering?” shit. I don’t care if you want my mother to start mentally preparing herself in advance. I think it’s unhealthy for her to keep thinking about this.

And then he can conveniently hang up before he has to experience what I call my mum’s panic mode. It’s just making everything worse. What if she starts developing illness after illness and can’t sleep because she thinks about it too much? Who do you think is going to suffer from this stupid talk. The two of us. Not you.